Design Road Trip: Santa Fe

I am lucky to not only have great friends, but great friends who like to celebrate in style. Another friend of mine was set to celebrate a big birthday and the decision was made to head to Santa Fe to toast to another great year. Needless to say, it was not a hard sell to get excited about the adventure…both in honor of my gal pals but also to indulge in the art experience that Santa Fe has to offer.

Santa Fe is a vibrant city rich in culture and is the third largest art market behind only Los Angeles and New York City. The city is chock-full of great art finds from both emerging and established talent, so clearly there was lots of exploring to do. When I arrived at Canyon Road I immediately fell in love. It’s truly an art lover’s dream with the street flooded with gallery after gallery filled with tantalizing finds. There must have been nearly 150 galleries on this street alone. The adventure was about to begin.




Going through gallery after gallery is much like being on a treasure hunt…an art hunt if you will. And on this art hunting occasion I was reminded how much I love and appreciate the artistic talents of all kinds of artists…sculpture, watercolor, oils, mixed media, etc. There are so many mediums to consider and all so beautiful in their own way. These types of treasure hunts always make me wish I could build more and more rooms in my home simply to have and enjoy the pleasure of more art in my life.



Of course, we did some celebrating as well as treasure hunting, and there was much to explore on that front with all of the fantastic dining possibilities. If given the chance, Geronimo, a fine dining restaurant in a 1756 adobe home, shouldn’t be missed. The atmosphere is intimate and each dish a delight. The margarita trail – with tasty drinks at different restaurants on every corner – didn’t disappoint either 😉.



The Treasure Hunt



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