Designer Crush: Dee Keller

Today, Dee Keller has grown her company to include a multi-faceted line of shoes, accessories, and clothing.

More often than not Elizabeth and I will opt for the black leather quilted moto boot over the flirty lace-up stiletto. We tend to prefer androgynous flats over embellished sandals, shredded boyfriend jeans and structured blazers over colorful skirts and embroidered tunics. This is one reason going to market together is so much fun — we rarely disagree when it comes to taste.

However, we recognize that we are the minority. Most women enjoy dressing up and feeling feminine — as they should! And it is our job to shop for that customer, too. That’s why when we discovered designer Dee Keller who specializes in feminine yet functional styles we jumped on the opportunity to carry her designs in our store.

Today, Dee Keller has grown her company to include a multi-faceted line of shoes, accessories, and clothing.

Today, Dee Keller has grown her company to include a multi-faceted line of shoes, accessories, and clothing.

Dee Keller’s collection is timeless, crafted from the finest Italian materials (her leathers are so soft!) and inspired by American fashion icons. Each style has a unique personality, a contemporary feel, and a nod to a vintage past. A true southern belle, mother of four and wife of a successful real estate developer, Dee is an attorney by trade. More than a decade ago, Dee left the legal world and followed her passion of interior design, focusing on how textiles and materials worked together.


In 2011, she took the skills she’d honed and ventured into the arena of shoes, which she admits has been a personal indulgence for more than 20 years. The hours and expertise she once poured into researching legal briefs, she channeled into understanding every facet of shoe design and manufacturing. Today Dee Keller Design has grown to a multi-faceted line of shoes, accessories, and clothing. 

Dee understands the value of following trends, but at the root of her success is her unwavering determination to stay true to her passion. As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, comfort drives her designs, with charisma following closely on the heels, or flats! Whether textiles are mixed in an unexpected combination, or a shoe with a vintage feel appears in a bright, modern color, Dee’s designs exhibit strength, savvy, and her spirited style.

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Dee Keller Design is based in Baton Rouge, La., but all of Dee’s shoes are manufactured in Italy from the finest materials available to the industry. Dee contributes her time and talents generously to her local community. A breast cancer survivor, Dee spends countless hours supporting causes that create awareness and funding to help women fight the disease.

Below are the Dee Keller styles we currently have in store. You can always call our store to inquire about size, fit, or price: 703.548.7105.

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  1. alexandra says:

    i really do love all of her styles. i was lusting over the scheffy strappy for a long time and then they were sold out 🙁

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