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It’s that time of year again. Time for our semi-annual upholstery sale where we give you an additional 10 percent off the already below MSRP pricing. We have these twice a year and, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what to say about it anymore. How do I present the sale in a new and useful way? So, I put my thinking cap on, and after about an eternity, it occurred to me that I should share a few pieces that our Design Collective partners have bought for their clients! That will give you a quick sense of their range and ours. Below you will find two images, each with three pieces that our designers have selected paired with a few things I would add to create the beginnings of a room.



First up is the sofa that Kristin just bought for a sunny sunroom, a chair that Regan placed in a beautiful bedroom, and a rug that Lindsay used for a serene home office. I loved pairing the chair and the sofa together. Usually I like to play with opposites, but in this case, I was all in on the rounded backs of the upholstered pieces. To balance those, I added very angular accent tables. It may be hard to tell, but the side table is an aged brass with all kinds of detail to it. It speaks to the brass legs in the chair and balances its fluffy texture. The rug feels time-worn with beautiful subtle color. I wanted to pull the blue out for the sofa so it would pop off the rug. The curtains would be in another gorgeous patterned blue fabric from Susan Connor. In my pretend room, the sofa is far enough from the curtains that the fact they are not a perfect color match is okay.


Genevieve 84” Sofa Upholstered in Iris Linen, MSRP starting at $7,020, Sale price starting at $5,055; 8’6” x 9’6” Wool Rug, $5,749; Sheepskin Chair, $2,500; Coffee Table, $1,890; Side Table, $1,594; Pillow, $175; Fabric, $154 per yard


The second image uses the chair version of a sofa that Regan used in her own gorgeous home, a coffee table that one of Kristin’s clients adored and she worked an entire room around, and an amazing abstract art piece that found its way into Lindsay’s client’s bedroom. Because the coffee table and the abstract are decidedly modern, I wanted them to stand out against more classic pieces. The English rolled arm sofa from Cisco Home is one of my favorites. Here I would upholster it in a dark navy velvet. The lushness of the velvet pairs nicely with the glamor of the coffee table. The floral fabric is what I would use for the chairs. It’s a new one from Clay McLaurin and I love its sweet classic nature. The plaid fabric would be for the curtains. With classic textiles and patterns, the abstract artwork simply jumps off the wall and makes a real statement. Finally, I wanted something that felt rustic, so I threw in the gorgeous oak lamp with a white linen shade. It perfectly complements the sofa and textiles and plays against the other two pieces nicely.


Beaumont 84” Sofa Upholstered in Cotton Velvet, MSRP starting at $5,430, Sale price starting at $3,910; Amalia Slipcovered Chair in COM, MSRP starting at $3,225, Sale price starting at $2,322; Floral Fabric, $175; Plaid Fabric, $150; Coffee Table, $2,800; Abstract Artwork, $2,500; Lamp, $1,250


If you are thinking about changing up your space a little or a lot, then you need our partners in the Design Collective. And you need them now, while the upholstery sale is on! What’s wonderful about each one of them is their flexibility. They work in person or over Zoom. They can give you a quick two-hour consult or full concierge service. These amazing ladies are not one size fits all; they work with their clients to best meet their safety needs, budget needs, and design needs. To start the process, email your project, style, and budget to hello@redbarnmercantile.com and we will make connections!


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