Destination Wedding Weekend, All in One (Really Perfect) Carry-On Bag

It’s wedding season and many of you may have been invited to take part in your friend’s and family’s ceremonies. Weddings have become very personalized in the new millennium, ranging from very humble to dramatically elaborate. For many it’s a chance to create the day of their dreams and often the venue reflects the mood. My sister, Brooke, are her fiancé Mike are getting married next month at sunrise on the beach in Florida. By their design, it will be a small ceremony with family, followed by a party in the evening with the addition of a few close friends.

I have never attended a sunrise wedding ceremony and look forward to it in many aspects — all of which will be when I’m actually thereon the beach, and in the moment. Because getting to that “in the moment” moment may take some preparation and professional assistance in the coming weeks (for starters, hair & lashes). I wonder, what’s the protocol is for chic sunglasses before sunrise?

Destination weddings seem to be the most difficult to pack for and sometimes a little stressful. There’s travel attire, a variety of outfits for the various occasions, jewelry and accessories… A very smart woman shared a piece of advice with me once that I never forgot: it’s not your wedding! With this in mind and knowing all eyes will be on the bride, I have adopted a more minimalist approach to packing, so hopefully this post will provide some inspiration.

destination wedding travel day look

Let’s start with the airport attire. In order to maximize both the size of my carry on and the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding itself, I chose the distressed white denim from FRAME that just touched down at TSALT. There are a few things here that I need to establish about wearing white denim en route:

• White denim will be perfect for Florida — and I’ll be able to wash whatever will undoubtedly happen en route!

• I know…paying for shredded denim, really?! However, I have purchased a pair for myself and happen to love the carefree style they offer. Consider me shamelessly in love with this processed trend. We also have the regular white from FRAME for those who refuse to go there.

• Have you tried FRAME? These may be the most comfortable denim I own to date — and let’s be clear…I have quite a few pairs of denim! There is a ratio of cotton (69 percent) to a variety of stretch fabric (31 percent) that is greater than most other brands. I should also mention the “recall technology,” designed to fit and sculpt your shape!

• The front rise is 8” and the back is at least an additional 2-3” higher. This offers a both comfortable and flattering exit from any room without the added hike up moment (I know I’m not the only one).

For the rest of the travel outfit… 

When you’ve cast yourself in the role of “designer,” you choose the items you have created.  The TSALT Olivia Cowl Neck Top is, beyond a doubt, one of the easiest pieces to transition into your wardrobe and to pack for a trip.  Both the Olivia top and white denim can be re-worn with different accessories and separates, which makes over-packing impossible! Also, being able to hop off the plane and go straight to the rehearsal dinner is a huge time-saver. I’ve added a neutral pencil skirt to transition the top from casual to elegant. Since I always get chilly on the plane, I’m bringing my denim jacket and a Suzi Roher scarf.


The travel footwear will be CalaXini’s. These are my solution to something other than flip flops or slip-ons. They have a nice tread, mold to my feet, and are extremely comfortable with the ability to slip on and off for TSA. We have them in both the flat style and the wedge. I urge you to give them a try this summer in platinum.

Another must-have is the Save My Bag tote.  Alicia and I discovered these at market and have been giving them to our friends (and ourselves) for birthdays. Not only will it save your expensive designer bag from any number of yucky elements while traveling, but it makes a great beach bag since it is both lightweight and washable. Consider it a cover-up for your Louis! Not to mention this is little Zamboni’s favorite carrier. It’s the easiest bag to scrunch up and throw in your suitcase. This is a must have for a beach wedding and it comes in a variety colors — and we have more on the way!

Then there is the outfit for the actual ceremony…remember, the one that literally starts at the crack of dawn. I’ve sometimes fancied myself a bit of a morning person, but in no way, shape, or form am I a 4 AM MORNING PERSON. The attire for the sunrise ceremony needed to be as effortless as rolling out of bed — because that’s going to be my reality.

tamara 108

I admit, it occurred to me when designing the Olivia top and Camille pant how incredibly comfortable it would be to wear since it resembles ultra-chic loungewear. It’s as though Brooke gave me a gift by designing the ideal wedding for my pajama chic ensemble! I honestly think I may go barefoot on the beach but I’m bringing one other statement shoe which will be cozy yet festive at sunrise!

AGL eyelash slip-on

The AGL eyelash slip-ons from The Shoe Hive will also be ideal for all of the casual hotel walking I will be doing as the sister of the bride! They are chic, comfy, and are a great conversation starter.  They cover my trifecta — white denim, khaki skirt, and my workout leggings for the post-wedding yoga class!

The last part of the wedding will be the party in the evening. Not one to reinvent the wheel but maximize on an effort, I’m taking the dress version of the cowl neck top. Yes, the effortless top comes as a dress in two lengths – knee length and a maxi length. If Brooke had decided on a traditional ceremony with bridesmaids, I would have suggested this be the bridesmaids dress since it fits a number of shapes, is extremely flattering with the ability to be worn again.

All three looks are seamless, comfortable, and stunning while fitting in one little carry on.

Now all I need to do is prepare for a toast. Baggage always seems to have such a negative connotation, but I did run across these little words of wisdom:

Everyone comes with baggage.
The key is to find someone who loves you
enough to help you unpack.

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness Brooke and Mike…and practicing packing light!

brooke and mike 02

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