Details, Details! Embroidery + Hand-beaded Appliques

It’s all about the details this spring! Embroidery has been around for thousands of years — in fact, it can be traced all the way back to the Iron Age — but it’s back in a new, fresh way this spring. Whether on a casual pair of jeans or a sophisticated blouse, embroidered is everywhere and hand-beaded pieces are a must-have. These artful trends are lovely because they offer much more depth than patterned fabric, adding a beautiful three-dimensional edge. Come see Coco’s modern take on this timeless technique.

1. Embroidered Annya Linen Dress, $325 | 2. Jewel Sequin Scarf, $112.50 | 3. Eleanor Tunic $162.50 | 4. Joe’s Jeans Icon Hennie, $249 | 5. Embroidered Peasant Top, $115 | 6. Turquoise Georgette Embroidered Dress, $334, now 60 percent off | 7. Embroidered Hilda Blouse, $222.50 | 8. Embroidered Hagar Blouse, $242.50 | 9. Flutter Sleeve Front Seam Top, $55



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