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Like Mystique jewelry, each customer is unique, so our custom process will change based on the needs and desires of each client, but the one thing we always do is sit with you to discuss and determine what your dream piece will be like. We walk you through the process in detail and communicate during each step to make you feel comfortable, so we can create a special and meaningful piece just for you.

With our knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in the jewelry business, staffed G.I.A. gemologist, and diamond and gemstone trade accounts set up from all over the world, we have the knowledge and resources available to give you the best prices and quality selection you will need…and if we don’t have it, we will find it for you.

At Mystique, we specialize in certified GIA diamonds ranging from in 0.50 cts to 7.00 cts in any shape. Choosing a diamond can be an enjoyable time and a time for gaining new knowledge. Our experienced staff hand selects gems from a large selection of the 4-C’s, so you are able to choose from a wonderful collection and find what you are looking for within your budget.

We can show you hand-drawn sketches, models of styles and settings, and similar designs to get the ideas flowing, and then we collect the details to create the piece in your style.

With the technology industry growing and changing, so is the jewelry business. CAD is a technology we use for our clients to create a piece in a 3-D design on the computer. The most important part of this choice of design is the creator. There are many CAD creators, but the refinement and attention to detail is the key to the final design.

What makes Mystique so special is our design style, knowledge of the business, understanding of the image through the final look details, knowing what works and what will not on the body, and explaining the comfort of the piece. Mystique has the experience and taste to do it all! Plus we can create a matching wedding band that fits flush with your ring. Our experienced Mystique team will work closely with you on each job to nail down all aspects of design, cost, and delivery. Mystique Jewelers is dedicated to making your ideas and expectations a reality.

Bring in your heirloom jewelry or gold you are not wearing. Mystique will create your one-of-a-kind design!


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Featuring old world styles, textures in gold, and styles that are rich yet perfect for everyday wear. Mystique Jewelers evolved from that of custom goldsmith shop into a truly sophisticated boutique, featuring the most coveted designers’ lines such as: Jude Frances, Alberto Parada, Jaime Joseph, Lauren K, KC Designs, and Beverly K as well as creating “one of kind” designs that are timeless, heirloom, and classic. Planning on getting engaged? Our diamond experts, master goldsmith, and designers on the premises will assist you in creating a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

123 S. Fairfax Street                 112 W Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314                Middleburg, VA 20117

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