Does the Idea of Cardio Send You Running? Here’s a Better Way

So you want more cardio in your workout…but the ‘cardio’ word evokes images of running, which bores you. Or maybe you used to love running for cardio, but injury has you sidelined. Or maybe the word cardio makes you think of big box gym classes, where you don’t feel at home or motivated. Fair enough…but you know avoiding cardiovascular exercise isn’t necessarily helping you to reach your fitness goal.

Let us help cut through some of the stereotypes and introduce you to FOR’s brand of cardio. Trust us, we’ll get your heart rate up in a fun and challenging way that doesn’t involve running shoes or injury.

FOR’s 5-week Summer Cardio and Fitness Program is designed with you in mind. We’ll teach you how much cardio you really need to lose weight or just maintain your current fitness. We will teach you facts about interval training, resistance training, and incorporating strength training into your cardio. We’ll add some fun facts on sleep, diet, and fat loss. We give you access to a library of Flows and Workouts so you can get in your 5- to 10-minute flow to complement the hard work you put in during Summer Cardio. And, we send a weekly email outlining the theme for the week.

Ever heard of all of that in a cardio and conditioning class before? We think not.


What to expect

I, and other awesome FOR instructors, lead groups for a 5-week Summer Cardio Program. We only ask that you come injury-free and ready for five weeks of interval training, cardiovascular challenges, full-body workouts, and with a willingness to learn new movements to see how this cardio thing really works. We will work smarter and more efficiently, so you will feel amazing about you and your fitness.

Join the FOR Summer Cardio Program and you’ll receive:

  • 1 group session per week
  • Limited Edition FOR Summer tank top
  • Each class begins and ends with nutrition and wellness tips or recipe
  • Access to a library of simple exercises, Flows and Workouts
  • FUN

The next 5-week program kicks off July 2, with sessions Tuesdays at 6am and 7am.


How much does it cost?

All of this for just one flat fee of $169!


If you’re interested in joining, sign-up online or send us an email at



  • The latest from Adrien
Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home. After spending 15 years developing her own personal definition of wellness and watching literally thousands struggle with theirs, in 2019 Adrien founded Alexandria Wellness, the home for the Concierge Wellness Program and Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton. Today, “FOR” is home to more than 250 clients, 12 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. She is passionate about helping others view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix. Adrien’s recipe for success herself has evolved from a rigid training plan of a 4-5 hard workouts per week to some days getting in her 10,000 steps and her 7.5 hours of sleep and her beloved 5-Minute Flow. Now, she believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results, even if it’s only for five minutes a day. Adrien works daily to help clients understand that the three most vital components of any effective fitness program are consistency, sustainability, and fun. Adrien believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and our health and that change, or improvement, is always within reach despite what your “inner voice” or others may tell you. She believes her vocation is to help Alexandrians learn the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness, weight loss, and contentedness with yourself, and that every person has the right to feel good about themselves. Most days, you can find her helping clients with their wellness and listening to FOR client’s success stories. Adrien prides herself on her practice of mindfulness, meditation, and putting it all into perspective.

Fitness on the Run is Fitness for Life. Combining a focus on strong bodies and strong minds with a robust wellness education program and unparalleled personalized attention, we provide fitness for health, longevity and functionality.

Fitness on the Run
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Alexandria, VA 22314

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