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I have always loved ear cuffs. They can add a bit of edge to your look when a classic pair of earrings is just not enough. I’ve seen ear cuffs in so many jewelry collections lately that we thought it would be a fun addition to our jewelry department! Ear cuffs are an excellent way to up your earring game without having to add piercings.

Truly, they are a timeless piece of jewelry. You’ll see them come and go and come again from time to time, but I feel like you can always wear one. One of my favorite things to do is to understand where and when something like this originated. The first ear cuffs, called “Kaffas,” were made of brass and date back as far as 2000BC and were designed to hug the curve on the outside edge of the ear. The upper-class cultures of Asia and the Middle East wore Kaffas made from precious metals, pearls, and gemstones which often actually clipped to the nose or hair, while lower classes wore simple, unadorned versions.

The Kaffa was refashioned into the “Earrite” by French jeweler Marcel Boucher. The Earrite was feminine and clipped to the earlobe. By the 1950s, the style was embraced by American fashionistas, and he ended up patenting his design. In the 80s and 90s, it became a symbol of rebellion, punk, and eventually, pop culture. Ever evolving, the ear cuff is still a unique way to add style to your jewelry game. They are quite easy to wear, and you won’t even notice you have them on. We have a huge variety of ear cuffs in right now… welcome to the ear party!

We have single-ear cuffs, sets, and fun cuff/jacket combos. (Available at Kiskadee, $15-$28)


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