Curated Easter Baskets + Letter Writing and Quarantine Kits + Website for Penny Post

I want to start this post by thanking all the wonderful people who have been placing online orders and doing curbside pickups. We are truly grateful for your kindness and support. While social distancing downright sucks, we have found a few silver linings. Since I last wrote we have been up to a lot of changes. For the last week we have been on Instagram and email curating Easter baskets and quarantine kits at both stores, have built a makeshift website for Penny Post, and have launched letter writing kits.

School may be cancelled but the Easter bunny still makes his annual visit. Hunting for eggs in the backyard, eating the heads off chocolate bunnies, and getting goodies in baskets won’t be stopped if we have anything to say about it. Check out our stories on Instagram at Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post every day to see what we are up to. We are creating our own bundles that can be snatched up as is or modified to fit your needs. In addition, we can curate a specific basket for your little – or big – person. To do that simply send us your budget, age of child(ren), their likes and dislikes, and whether we are shopping for a little miss or mr. Email or or DM us on Instagram and we will be your virtual bunny assistant.






In addition to our Easter Baskets, we have been hard at work making quarantine kits for folks. These kits are made for passing the time as we distance ourselves socially. Puzzles from both stores have been seeing our customers through these stressful days so they are a staple in our quarantine kits. At Penny Post a kit might include a puzzle plus a notebook for journaling or future planning, washi tape or stickers, pen(s) and/or pencil(s), and maybe something sweet. And at Red Barn Mercantile, in addition to a puzzle, one might find a cocktail mixer, one of our favorite soaps, a candle, a notepad, and something sweet. As with the Easter baskets, feel free to email or DM us for help with your quarantine needs. Just send us the details and we will pull something together just for you.




Finally, April is National Letter Writing Month, but we figure why wait. There is no better time to write a letter than now. At Penny Post we have been making letter writing kits so you can stay connected to the people that you love. Each kit is $40 and includes six cards that we pick for you, a Le Pen, a pencil, an eraser, one roll of washi, and a few extra goodies. Choose your mood – sweet or salty – and we will get those in the mail for you!



It’s been a true pleasure getting to be a part of your lives and contributing a little ray of hope and sunshine into an otherwise dreary experience. We will continue shipping and curbside pickups until we can’t anymore and at each store we remain vigilant with our cautionary measures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. It means the world to us and we are forever grateful!


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