Easter Baskets for the Tweens & Teens in Your Life

I admit it. Traditions die hard and one in my family is the Easter basket. When my children hit the “I don’t believe” stage I couldn’t help myself…they each continued to receive baskets but my hiding places became much harder (ovens and dryers work really well). They would pretend they were too cool but I know they loved the hunt.

Contents of the basket changed, too. I wanted to be thoughtful but tweens and teens can be difficult and buying gifts is a challenge, especially if it is not electronic and pricey. Listen carefully and they will drop hints. One of my best baskets, and maybe my worst, was when I listened to my son constantly comment about the towels the U.S. Olympic divers were using and yes, several ShamWows appeared in his basket along with a Costco size box of his favorite snack, Cheez-Its. It did help, he was going to college…

Luckily, we have terrific gifts for tweens, teens and above, and not just for Easter, but all year long!


Tween Baskets

It is in our nature to enjoy the whimsical. Delight your tweens with printed socks, mermaid bracelets, quality temporary tattoos, and, of course, the unicorn hat. All $20 and under!



Although they may cost a bit more, these items are on every teens list: bracelets with meaningful power beads, B.U. necklaces that express personality, a playful cosmetic or bikini bag, and, of course, sunglasses for teens so they can remain a mystery.  All items are a great price point, approximately $50 and under.


And by the way, those ShamWows really do work!


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