English Dresses for American Weddings

Royal weddings bring out the Anglophile in many of us, myself included. Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle will no doubt leave us with many impressions and trends as the commentators walk us through each and every detail of this epic wedding event. Working in boutiques offers many occasions for the staff to learn about clients’ upcoming weddings and assist them with attire for both the events that surround the wedding and wedding itself.

Tragically, no one consulted me for what to wear to Saturday’s wedding. If they had, however, I would have pointed them in the direction of this collection of garden-inspired frocks from up-and-coming designer Malene Oddershede Bach. This group of dresses embodies the sophistication and romance of English weddings.

It won’t surprise our audience that this is a London-based designer. I personally love her use of color on floral-embroidered silk organzas with the unexpected twist of subtle metallics. Does anyone know the term Fils Coupe? I had to look this up myself but am happy to share! This is a fabric that resembles embroidery but it is actually a jacquard weave, meaning the pattern is woven into the ground cloth. On the backside of the fabric, extra weft yarns are floated between designs. This is something you see often in upholstery fabrics, but to see the intricate use of this technique designed into these dresses is breathtaking.

All it takes is a moment in one of these dresses to be swept up in the fairly tale romance of these creations. It will take your breath away. Coming from a stylist who has worked with her share of Mother-of’s, dresses like these used to be impossible to find. The fabrics are sourced from Italy but the collection is produced in London. In an interview, Oddershede Back, points out that while her aesthetic is a more refined, ladylike fashion, her spring ’18 collection has been a better fit for the U.S. markets. This may have to do with the current trends in the U.K. among young designers: in a nutshell, ugly is in with a side of shock value and sprinkle of questionable taste. As pendulums are meant to swing, so is fashion. I’ll enjoy this moment where a designer such as Oddershede Bach appreciates this side of the pond!

In celebration of the Royal Wedding, TSALT is offering 30 percent off the Malene Oddershede Bach styles this weekend. I’m hoping there are a few of you out there that will be attending a garden wedding this season, although just about any wedding is a reason to get dressed up and celebrate the union of two individuals who love each other dearly. Just come in and take a moment to either look at them for a future event or send this to a friend who has been having a hard time finding beautiful, timeless styles to wear to the weddings they will be attending. Believe me, it takes a village to find the perfect dress for the perfect wedding!


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