Entertaining Essentials for Your New Year’s Celebration

New Year’s Eve is always a s special night, no matter your age or situation. One can’t help but think of the anticipation of a new year and wonder what it will bring. I think it is always cause for celebration and I look forward to ringing in the new year with loved ones.

This year I will be spending New Year’s in Savannah at a special New Year’s Eve wine dinner with my husband, son, and a few of his friends. Many of you younger people will be partying to the wee hours, while others will have lovely dinners in their homes with friends and family. I can remember when my kids were all under age 8 we pretended it was midnight and marched around the house, banging pots and pans with their grandmother. Still one of my favorites!

Whatever your plans, or whomever you plan to entertain, Coco Blanca has a great sale for you. I have listed here a few party essentials, all for 30 percent off. Hurry before they are all gone!

  • Wine glasses, $13.25 less 30 percent, now $9.28 each
  • Set of four glasses, $80 less 30 percent, now $56
  • Corkscrew opener set, $40 less 30 percent, now $28
  • Set of two cheese knives, $45 less 30 percent, now $31.50 | Annie Glass cheese board, $150 less 30 percent, now $105
  • Ice bucket, $112.50 less 30 percent, now $78.75
  • Set of four champagne glasses etched in platinum, $90 less 30 percent, now $63
  • Set of four bistro wine glasses, $80 less 30 percent, now $56
  • Small bowl, $45 less 30 percent, now $31.50 | Medium bowl, $80 less 30 percent, now $56 | Large bowl, $125 less 30 percent, now $87.50


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