european vacation: part two (the cosmetic case)


Last week I introduced readers to a Kara, who is now on her way to Paris (for the first time ~ how magical!). I helped put together her travel wardrobe and some outfits that will take her through France and Italy. This week, I asked Elizabeth, from Bellacara, to help put together some beauty products that will simplify your travel cosmetic kit utilizing dual purpose products.

One thing to consider when you are traveling is that you are not in Alexandria performing your usual activities. Summer is a time where you can generally wear less makeup and transition your look to a little lighter application. Last year, Angela had a great suggestion on packing your cosmetics for travel. Apply your face and once you’ve used a product in the days before your departure, put it in your travel cosmetic case. Make sure you hit an evening out as part of your looks with a little drama – a thicker application of mascara, a pop of red or pink lip color, and a signature scent.

As a stylist, I would also advise that you pack two or three “looks” to your travel cosmetics. Depending on where you are traveling, you may or may not have additional looks. Going to the Bahamas requires very little in the way of makeup. Paris, however, means a romantic dinner out and being surrounded by some of the chicest women on the planet. Lipstick and mascara may be in order!


For your daytripper tote or cross body bag ~

1. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF Powder (comes in Anti-Aging SPF 45 or Oily Skin SPF 30), for double-duty mattifying and sun protection.

2. Jouer Cheek and Lip Tint. This comes in really natural colors, and has a buildable level of pigment, so you’re getting lots of options, just from one little pot!

3. Evian Facial Spray. Super refreshing, and a tiny burst of mineral water skin hydration while you’re out seeing the sights.

And for your full travel kit ~

4. Fresh Rose Hydrating Cleansing Foam. Plane air is so drying, and when you’re traveling, you never know what kind of water you’ll encounter. This cleanser is gentle enough for any skin type, even the super sensitive, and will help your skin maintain its moisture balance without adding heavy oils.

5. Alchimie Forever SPF 23 Daily Defense Cream. Again, so light and perfect for maintaining moisture on any skin type, but with a really mild SPF–it’s specially designed for compromised skin that can’t handle a whole lot. With a change in environment already stressing out your skin, this should help keep it happy.

6. Jouer Luminizing or Matte Moisture Tint. Buildable coverage, so you can be sheer for day, but have coverage for fabulous late-night dinners.

7. Jouer Crème Eyeshadow Crayon. Comes in really neutral colors, and will double as a smokey liner in a pinch. Make your travel makeup easy!

8. Blinc Mascara Amplified. Tubing mascara, so you know it won’t come off if you sweat or get caught in the rain, but still comes off easily enough and doesn’t require makeup remover.

9. Rilastil Daily Care Makeup Removing Wipes. 25 to a pack means you’re covered for all those nights you’re just too tired to put effort into cleansing your skin. Toss them in a purse or backpack for midday swipes over too-hot arms and neck!

10. Moroccan Oil Luminous Finish Hairspray. Shine enhancing and medium or strong hold–perfect whatever your plans.

11. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. Mild SPF for day, but incredibly hydrating whenever you need it.

12. Lipstick Queen Silver Screen “Have Paris.” Juicy, delightful red, long wearing color, and high-gloss shine. This is a perfect fit for a night out in, well, Paris, and gives the right level of “I tried, but you can tell I’m just naturally fabulous.”

When I was working with Kara, I had also suggested a few hairstyles for the various looks we created. Coincidently, Kara’s hairstylist had suggested a new cut for her European trip. I immediately seconded the motion and we’ll see the results in the coming weeks with a wrap up post. Kara had a great question for me in our initial meeting…why is it that some of the street style images that she bookmarks look way better than when she puts the same elements together herself? In other words, where does that “je ne sais quoi?” occur?

My answer…there must be something slightly off to capture interest. Kara agreed that she is very linear in her thinking and bringing me in helped her identify how to shift her formula slightly and attain something that isn’t so “processed” yet still feels authentic to her. This is the part of my work where I can apply the art that I have studied in every facet of my career. It’s never the same from client to client and it’s only when I come to know them that my intuition detects where to deconstruct. As with any visual expression, whether it’s wardrobe styling, makeup, interior design, architecture, or landscape design ~ the eye must be drawn to something that captures our sense of order and then holds it and starts to examine what it is that has our interest. This is what I call The Psychology of Style.

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