eye2eye: an alexandria gem

Elizabeth called me minutes after discovering that she would need bifocals for the first time. To say she was a bit traumatized would be an understatement. It didn’t help that within just a few months she would also be turning 40 and her store–The Shoe Hive–would celebrate its tenth anniversary. Traumatized though she may have been, we decided to look at the need for glasses as just another opportunity to invest in accessories–a kind of accessory in which she had never been able to invest before. Let’s face it: It was an opportunity to shop!


Without hesitation, Elizabeth made a follow-up appointment at Eye2Eye, the optometry center located at 1502 Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray. Elizabeth has been a longtime customer of Eye2Eye (as are several of our other store owners) for check-ups, reading glasses and other routine and regular needs. This was an entirely different feat, however. How do you find a single pair of glasses that will work with any outfit? How do you find a pair that is trendy but won’t look dated in mere months? Elizabeth was nervous so I agreed to accompany her.

We should have known, however, that there was really no need to be nervous at all. The selection at Eye2Eye is impressive. The friendly young woman who greeted us at the door immediately understood the importance which we assigned to the task of finding Elizabeth the perfect pair. She pulled down frame after frame, giving her honest opinion when asked for it and looking for ever-more options with a keen eye for both style and the fit that would look best on Elizabeth. We eventually did find the perfect pair and as I expected, Elizabeth loved the way she looked in a pair of ever-so-slightly cat-eye frames in traditional-yet-trendy tortoise. Eye2Eye took the fear out of finding Elizabeth’s first pair of bifocals. And given how positive her experience was, I doubt this is the last pair of bifocals she ever purchases. After all, this is the same woman with a closet full of shoes.

For those of you who might not know, Kiskadee is across the street on Mount Vernon Avenue from Eye2Eye and Darby has been a longtime customer of the optometry center and a longtime friend of the Eye2Eye’s owner, Dr. Dora. She says of Dr. Dora, “She is one of those people that is fully present whenever you are speaking with her. I went in once for a pair of sunglasses, and she dropped everything she was doing to catch up with me and find the perfect pair for my face shape. She is always so calm and attentive–a doctor who really cares about you as a person. That is hard to come by.” Indeed, the level of expertise and customer service in addition to the expansive selection of name brand frames really cannot be found elsewhere. Eye2Eye is an Alexandria gem–one of a kind.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Eye2Eye.

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  1. Avatar Barbara says:

    Everything mentioned here is exactly right! Dr. Dora and her staff are professionals who are patient
    and give the best advice when choosing the all-important accessory – eyeglasses! They carry some wonderful designer frames; it’s always fun to find that perfect one!

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