Was It a Fashion Black Out? Our Golden Globes Report

Like so many other editors going into the Golden Globes last night, we wondered about the right approach to covering red carpet fashion, about how to strike that just-right balance between being respectful of the message nominees and attendees wanted to convey and honoring the creations of so many talented designers, whose dresses are often spectacular works of art, and the visions of the stylists, whose skills are a valuable asset in not only bring a “look” to fruition, but often in raising the professional stature of the actresses with whom they work.

We worried it would seem frivolous to care about “who’s wearing who” when the overall aesthetic is meant to address something so serious. But the fact is, we do care. Historically, the our after-awards-show posts are very popular, which tells us that you love looking at the dresses as much as we do.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that we don’t care, a lot, about why this year is not like all others. Even if you had been blissfully unaware of the headlines coming from Hollywood (and other industries) and somehow missed #MeToo on social media, unless you watched the Golden Globes on a black and white television, there was no way you could have missed the uniform of the night: black.

Many articles have been written about the decision by the majority of actresses (and some actors) to wear all black, and there are sure to be many more to come. But today, for us, we’ll follow our tradition and speak to what we know and love: the fashion itself. We hope you take this in the spirit it is offered. Naming the looks we found most successful, and describing why we think they worked so well, is in no way meant to trivialize the important statement being conveyed, but at Stylebook, we believe that fashion matters. That what you choose to wear, how you choose to present yourself, is powerful.

But it isn’t just about style. Fashion is business, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We often think of the famous scene in “The Devil Wears Prada,” where Miranda icily, yet effectively, informs Andi that the sweater she is wearing doesn’t just happen to be cerulean blue. The fashion industry is one that employs thousands of women — creative, hard-working women. The designs you see on the carpets, the new ideas, they are someone’s work. That work deserves to be celebrated.

So we will do so.


Margot Robbie

I love the intricate detailing on this dress; it is absolutely exquisite. Her simple waves and her makeup really compliment her sleek dress. —Marisa, DC Style Factory

Stunning in her Gucci embellished dress. Unlike many other attempts, this beading pops and really makes the gown stand out! Many of the other dresses (like Kerry Washington’s) just fell flat with black beads on black fabric. I’m sure those other dresses were stunning in person… but I don’t think it translated. Also, when does Margot not kill it? —Sarah, Kiskadee

This year was tough proving how powerful black dresses are! So many faves but thought Margot always makes my lust list – and she did again. She makes a long sleeve dress look oh so sexy! —Alicia, TSALT & The Tulle Box

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Dakota Johnson

Looking ever-so-sophisticated and classic in the front, with the party in the back! She really knocked this look out. of. the. park! —Celeste, Kiskadee

This was my favorite look. It was love at first sight… Kate Young being her stylist along with Gucci adds up to a full on favorite for me.  Her hair and ballet-like feel to the dress and then the party in the back explosion of crystals! It was perfectly feminine in a night to celebrate empowering women. —Alicia, TSALT & The Tulle Box

Gucci has been killing the game the past two years! Velvet is such a huge trend, and Dakota pulls this trend off beautifully. This dress looks stunning on her and I like the slightly Old Hollywood vibe. So gorgeous! —Marisa, DC Style Factory

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Nicole Kidman

I wanted my post to just say Chris Hemsworth is so hot, but Madelyn would not let me. So Nicole Kidman for the win! Some of the problem is I didn’t know who half the younger actresses were so that didn’t help, but I have to say, when it comes to the outfits the older women stole the show for me. Some of my usual favorites fell short. Nicole made black lace not look like a prom dress. Absolute perfection. —Elizabeth, The Hive & The Shoe Hive

Nicole did what she does best. —Amy, Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

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Michelle Pfeiffer

Michele Pfeiffer so classic but still interesting. I love feathers but the ones worn by Angelina and Deborra-lee Furness were just too much for me. The detail on the bottom of Michelle’s dress was the perfect amount. —Elizabeth, The Hive & The Shoe Hive

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Allison Janney

I was taken with how stunning Allison Janney looked, and her dress reflected the skate-inspired style of her role in “I, Tonya.” I loved the impact of white with the cutouts with the perfect choice of wearing her hair down, which felt soft and so pretty! Must see her in this movie!! —Alicia, TSALT & The Tulle Box

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Emma Watson

A young woman who is truly stunning from the inside out. This dress was fabricated beautifully and was the perfect balance of dramatic, with the pleated collars, and sexy, with the plunging neckline. She was truly captivating…although…those shoes? What?! OK…maybe it’s not the dress. Maybe it is just her! What an inspiring voice for the younger generation. —Sarah, Kiskadee

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Alison Brie

Construction was gorgeous! This strapless dress… wait — IT’S ALSO PANTS! — was made of classic fabrics and silhouettes, but combined to create a very interesting garment. I would have perhaps gone for more accessories, but overall, this fun combo describes Alison’s witty humor.  —Sarah, Kiskadee

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Allison Williams

Allison Williams was my favorite of the night.  She was my first favorite and, while there was a surprising amount of amazing dresses, I couldn’t find one I loved more. The styling was spot on and the dress, with all that beading, was interesting and graphic. —Amy, Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

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Octavia Spencer

The subtle shimmer and cut of this gown was simply beautiful. The understated elegance in this gown was clear in the cut as well as the construction- did you see the way they had cut the fabric for the grain of the sequins to fall ever so flattering! —Celeste, Kiskadee

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Claire Foy

I just love me a woman’s tuxedo. It’s tailored to perfection and she looks so chic! —Marisa, DC Style Factory

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Kate Hudson

She brought it. She owned the flapper look with her short hair- head band- and plunging neckline. Very different in comparison to the rest of the crowd, who seemed (in some cases) to be overwhelmingly conservative. —Celeste, Kiskadee

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Millie Bobby Brown

Breathtaking. Fresh. And such a statement for the next generation of style-loving women. Her hair, her makeup, and those legs!! —Alicia, TSALT & The Tulle Box

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Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz was elegant, sophisticated, and completely fresh with the pixie haircut and emerald gems. —Amy, Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

It seemed that dramatic emerald drop earrings were to go-to accessory last night, but no one did it quite as well as Zoe. Actually, that applies to her dress, too. A simply, velvet, strapless column dress could easily have been missed in the sea of black, but there is something about Zoe’s super-cool style that makes her overall look remarkable. —Madelyn, Editor

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Laura Dern

Laura Dern was simplicity and elegance done right. —Elizabeth, The Hive & The Shoe Hive

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Elisabeth Moss

Sure, it may seem a weensy matronly, but I’m always charmed this flattering, retro silhouette, with its three-quarter length sleeves, and I’ll never not love an embellished collar. —Madelyn, Editor

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Saoirse Ronan

I have a feeling I may be one of the few who likes this dress, but here’s why I’m including it: it’s not safe. It’s not terribly pretty, in the traditional sense. I don’t usually like one-sleeved garments, although here that is balanced with that well placed cuff on her bare arm. The fit is elegant. But what I like most is the exaggerated and embellished shoulder. It’s fierce, almost aggressive and warrior-like. That feels “fashion-y” to me…and timely. —Madelyn, Editor

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…And also Susan Kelechi Watson & Tracee Ellis Ross

So as editor, I had assigned that each of our contributors could name their three favorites. Alicia was crafty and had two tie at third. But since I’m the editor, I am taking editorial liberties and naming extra favorites. The fact that I woke up this morning still think about these looks meant I couldn’t not! Susan Kelechi Watson’s outfit did what almost no other dress did: it conveyed FUN. It’s a jumpsuit, so that is different, and frankly I’m a little surprised we didn’t see more. The deep V was bold but didn’t feel like too, too much, and the all-over beading didn’t feel staid, which is a real trick.

Tracee Ellis Ross is a fashion icon. There. I said it. Go back and look at her carpet outfits, her press tour looks, her Vogue “72 Questions,” Google her talk show appearances, really, do all these things, and you’ll see. She has an insane sense of style. Last night was no different. Do I normally love a heavy satin? No. It can be very unflattering. Would I normally embrace such a heavy bow (layering?) at the neck? Nope, I’d fear it’d be overwhelming. But here, the satin is heavy enough to look tailored. And the neck detail is balanced beautifully by the elegant turban. And OMG those red lips. I’m beginning to think that’s there’s nothing she can’t pull off.–Madelyn, Editor

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