Are You a Fashion Rebel? Yes, You Can Mix Cream + White

creamwht_openingRules, rules, rules!  Day in and day out, our many activities are decided by rules.  It could be obvious rules, such as laws by which we must abide, or more ambiguous rules set by society, such as those governed by fashion.  Luckily, many fashion rules have been thrown out the window over the past ten years. Some I love, such as pairing navy and black. Others, like the mixing of multiple patterns within an outfit, are simply are not my style — however I certainly appreciate the women who wear it effortlessly!

But how did we ever live without the pairing of cream and white?  Talk about an ambiguous, and may I say ridiculous, fashion “rule!”  The partnering of these two colors calls out refined chic and classy elegance. They can easily be worn for three seasons and the best part…there are virtually no rules for pairing the two.  Enjoy our suggestions or better yet, try them yourselves!

Cream Rises to the Top


Since white can wash out certain skin tones you may want to opt for cream or ivory on top.  Go for a fabulous flourish such as our fringed top by Nicole Miller.  It is pure eye candy!  It pairs well with our Paige jeans, giving off a rocker, chic vibe.  If you do opt for white on the bottom, wear a neutral shoe or even an animal print.


Still looking for the perfect, imperfect blend?  Try ecru.  The impeccable detailing of this top by Baily 44 lends a classic elegance to the ensemble.  Refinement continues when pairing the outfit with a stunning natural stone necklace, pearl bracelet, and flawlessly white Page skinnies.

White Hot on Top 

creamwht_chanluuHere we have our Paige distressed jeans in cream topped in pristine white by Chan Luu.  The sweet embroidery of the top paired with these dashing jeans will make people question if you’re an angel…or have a touch of the devil!  If you want to go bold add a beautiful necklace for a pop of color.


The classiness of this white, ruffled top by Drew will not be lost but emboldened by the color of our cream Paige jeans.  The necklace reflects the neutral color scheme with its soft shades and it adds a sense of sophistication.   Perfect for any situation…from lunch, to dinner, to shopping at Kiskadee!

While it may seem wrong to wear a color in two different shades, since they are in the same family, they look great together.  Still makes you nervous?  Add our suggested accessories or a pair of shoes that make a statement.  You will be a convert to this color scheme and who knows, you may begin to take more fashion risks and enjoy the outcome!

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