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I have always had an appreciation for art. When I was a young teenager my mom set up art lessons in our basement and I would sit with her and all her friends and paint for hours. At that point in my life, it was probably the only thing I enjoyed doing with ladies my mom’s age. I never honed any real skills of my own, but this exposure certainly planted a seed in me to appreciate art.

I love wandering through art galleries admiring wishing and wanting. One of my favorite artists is Kitty Williams. I noticed some of her art on a blog several years ago. I especially love her work painting horses. But I have realized since that she has a very wide range of talent. She can paint any subject beautifully. While shopping for Coco Blanca, we ran into her work again at a showroom in High Point, NC, where we met Melanie who is the rep at Lucky Fish Gallery where Kitty shows her art. We were so very excited to find out that Kitty would actually come to Coco Blanca to show her talent and we would get to meet her and you can too! We have put together a fabulous event this Friday, September 26th, 6:30 to 8:30. Charlene’s Kitchen will be showcasing her fall menu and serving a specialty drink. This is a RSVP only event. We will be capping the party at 100 so RSVP at contactcoco@cocoblanca.com.

Read Kitty’s biography below. She is a fabulous person and artist. We are very fortunate to have her come to Alexandria. I also have included some examples of her work.


For those of you who don’t know me: Although everyone knows me as Kitty, a good old Southern name, my name is actually Katherine Williams. One anagram of that is “Make Art? I will shine!” Knowing nothing as yet about anagrams, I still somehow decided on a career in art when I was about 4 years old. I love my work and wish I had more time every day to spend on it!

I am also interested in old house restoration. I have worked as an artist-technician on several restoration projects and hope to work on more. I am currently restoring an old (circa 1825) Federal farmhouse in Madison, North Carolina, which was going to be torn down if it wasn’t moved. I am looking forward to uncovering the old paint finishes, which were very brightly colored graining patterns.

I was born in New Jersey on August 3, 1947, but our family moved to Florida where we children grew up spending many weekends walking by the Gulf. Summers were spent at least partly on our grandfather’s farm in Eastern North Carolina, seeing the last of an old way of life, with giant pigs, mule-drawn plows and carts, cotton picked by hand into enormous sacks, and acres of hand made fishing nets hung to dry under trees along Albemarle Sound.

After college at what was then Florida Presbyterian College in St. Petersburg, I helped start and worked at an artist’s cooperative, and traveled to California and other places a few times (everybody did this in the 60’s) and wound up getting my MFA in Textiles from California College of Arts and Crafts.

I have worked and lived primarily in Florida and North Carolina. I have no children and have never married (although I am still open to the possibility). I am a member of Rockingham Friends Meeting, work on my house and in my yard, walk in the woods, and hang out with family and friends. Work with eyes and hands is a wonderful thing. The earth is a glorious, beautiful gift every day. Human love and companionship are beyond price. I see God in these things and within me and feel we are all so blessed! I consider my work a gift from God to people where they live which helps them and me to be our best.

Kitty Lambis with Sundail

kitty Zebra


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