how to: find great kids’ halloween costumes on a budget

I cannot believe that Halloween is around the corner. But it is! And if you have kids, the question of which costumes to wear has likely been a topic of conversation around the dinner table recently. No matter what your kids want to be for Halloween this year, you don’t have to spend a lot on costumes. Consignment shops, like 529 Kids Consign, carry all sorts of gently used costumes, from puppies to pirates, your little ghosts and goblins will be trick-or-treating in style! Here are some tips to ensure your costume shopping is a success.


1. Check to make sure all of the pieces are there.
You know what happens when kids get excited and start running from door to door trick or treating, they shed a tail or drop a hat! Make sure when buying a costume on consignment, that all of the piece are intact!


2. Check for working zippers, velcro, buttons.
At the the end of a long night of trick or treating, most kids just rip off that costume and start digging through their candy. Make sure the velcro, zipper, or button closure on the costume are in place. Sometimes this can be a quick fix if the closure has been compromised.


3. When searching the rack, look in one size bigger and one size smaller too!
Costumes have wide size ranges (ex: 12-24 months). They can also be purchased for dress-ups or for the following year too!

photo 2

4. Be creative…shop the whole store.
A black dress off of the dress rack when paired with a tall black hat makes the perfect witch costume. Grab jeans and a flannel and hat a cowboy hat and you have instant cowboy or cowgirl!


5. Grab some jammies too.
Halloween pjs are worn for such a short period of time. These are the perfect thing to buy on consignment and save money. Grab a set for next year too!

Stop in one of our two stores for help in selecting the perfect costume. We already have lots of options!

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