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My fitness and overall health have always been important to me. I have always made a point to stay pretty active: walking, golf, skiing and tennis are my main sources of exercise. I love tennis for the camaraderie and the endurance that go along with the sport, but I felt like I needed more out of my workouts, something to push me to the next level. When I had the opportunity to try out Fitness On The Run, I jumped at the chance because frankly my workouts (other than tennis) needed something different and new. And while I was a bit nervous about what I was getting myself into, I was really excited to try something different in hopes to find something to spice up my fitness regimen.


I arrived at Fitness On The Run not knowing what to expect, all I knew was that I was prepared for my muscles to be screaming by the end of my workout. I was fortunate enough to have my training session with Heather, who is a very talented trainer at the Alexandria based fitness studio. She greeted me warmly and gave me a tour around their beautiful facility that has a total boutique gym feel. Heather warmed me up with simple stretching that woke my muscles up from their slumber from the night before. After my muscles were completely awake, we moved on to more complex movements that got my heart racing, which I am sure was the goal. Heather led me through many different exercises but the ones that stood out, or perhaps stuck in my mind for obvious reasons, were hip hinges, lunges, squats and my oh so favorite exercise; planks. Energetic music played the entire time at a decibel that was bearable and enjoyable.

In the 50 minutes we had together we worked on mobility, resistance training and metabolic work that she had tailored specifically to me. And by the end of the session, my body felt worked and alert in a way it hadn’t in years.

After my workout with Heather was complete, I was fortunate enough to meet with Adrien, the founder of Fitness On The Run. She explained their unique philosophy to me about how they constantly shake it up with new workouts taught by different instructors to keep your body guessing and to keep each workout exciting and new.

After one workout, I was sore but hooked and look forward to returning to Fitness On The Run to work with their talented team of trainers. The thing I enjoyed the most about my experience at Fitness On The Run was that it is not your everyday gym, it’s much more than that. It felt intimate. You aren’t just another body pumping iron in a large warehouse type gym, which can be completely intimidating. Their approach to fitness is unique and they truly pay attention to your personal goals and tailor a routine to what is best for YOU and your body long term. This is much different then anything that I had experienced before and a reason why I will be returning.

In the new year, if you can’t find me at Coco Blanca, you might want to check Fitness On The Run next, because I can see myself spending a lot more time there!

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