Because Nothing Is More Important.

Feeling good, healthy, and strong are imperative for a long, happy life, and our expert local trainers, therapists, instructors, and nutritionists have the training, experience, and passion to get (and keep!) you in the best shape of your life. Life can get hectic and stressful…from yoga to weight training, Pilates to the latest in food science, we are here help.

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday At-a-Glance

We hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends…rest, relax, and get ready for tomorrow. We’ll be ready for you! Here’s a round up of all the Black Friday and Small […]

Behind the Pose: How the Sun Salutation Is a Foundation for All Movement

The Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, is the basic building block of Vinyasa, otherwise known as Flow Yoga, the style of yoga that we practice at Mind the Mat and that is practiced by millions […]

Retired? Do these 4 Exercises To Better Enjoy “The Best Years of Your Life”

Retirees make up more than 11 percent of the total population in the Alexandria. Being part of the Baby Boomer generation, you are part of the engine that powered the nation’s growth. You’ve […]

Giving Thanks on Your Mat: Flow Together Before You Eat Together

Before greeting each other at the diner table, give thanks at Mind the Mat on your mat. Bring your out-of-town guests for these two invigorating yoga workshops, each designed to strengthen and stretch the entire […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 2

Yesterday I wrote about my very real — OK, borderline ridiculous — resistance to the concept and practice of Mindfulness (click here for part 1), and I ended that post proclaiming that I […]

Here’s What Happens when a Scared Skeptic Tries Mindfulness, part 1

I am not a “woo-woo” person. In fact, other than a bout with wearing crystals in the early 90s, which, honestly, along with Birks and twirl-y skirts was more about donning the requisite […]

Wellness Wednesday

It’s beginning to feel like that time of year again! The air is (finally!) getting crisp and is laced with the smells of backyard fire pits. When I think of backyard fire pits, […]

Lighten Your Life with Mind the Mat’s New Seasonal Offerings!

Joining the fun at the Halloween parade in Del Ray this past weekend reminded me of how important it is, during this season, when the days grow shorter and the nights longer, to […]

Fit Mom, part 2: Drop the Kids at School, Drop a Few Excess Pounds

The morning rush. We are all too familiar with kids waking up late, the last minute request for a permission slip, a resistant kid, and the feeling of utter euphoria when the bus […]

Street Style: Tricia Moffatt

Tricia Moffatt doesn’t walk into FOR (Fitness on the Run). She sashays. She has a way that she presents herself that I adore. She is smiling. She is engaging. And she is open […]

It’s HAWT Pilates Week! FREE Classes Galore!

This weekend, we start our second HAWT Pilates Teacher Training here at Mind the Mat Studios! As a new crop of bright-minded and curious Pilates enthusiasts journeys through biomechanics, skilled cueing, and creative […]

3 Tips To Be “That Fit Mom” 

Feel like you’ve done almost everything right and can’t lose that last 10 pounds? Here are three tips you can start using today.

Top 3 Reasons To Work with a Personal Trainer

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve decided it’s time to focus on your health and fitness. You join a gym or maybe you feel you need something more personal or a change […]

What the {bleep} Is Happening at Mind the Mat?

Recently Mind the Mat renamed their yoga classes and it sent a shock wave through the city of Alexandria. From yoga teachers to long time studio members, from new mommies to Pilates practitioners, […]

“My battle with breast cancer…and what mindfulness did for me.”

When planning our Mindful Mondays series, Mindful Junkie Gina White wisely suggested that we share a firsthand account of how practicing mindfulness can be beneficial even during life’s most challenging, stressful, and scary times…like […]


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