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Feeling good, healthy, and strong are imperative for a long, happy life, and our expert local trainers, therapists, instructors, and nutritionists have the training, experience, and passion to get (and keep!) you in the best shape of your life. Life can get hectic and stressful…from yoga to weight training, Pilates to the latest in food science, we are here help.

How Mindfulness Can Change Your Life

Last week you learned what mindfulness is, so this week I want to talk about what mindfulness is not. As I mentioned in part one, mindfulness is a fundamental component of my Concierge […]

Why Mindfulness is an Essential Part of Your Wellness and Fitness: Part 1 

Why in the world would a mindfulness practice help you lose those pesky ten pounds, gain confidence in your relationships and your career, and help you feel better about yourself? Read on and […]

What is the Perfect Workout?

Well, I’m a bit biased of course, but when equipment access is limited, the method with the least number of barriers but the highest amount of benefits sounds pretty perfect to me. Enter […]

4 Ways You Can Master Your Calendar for Near-perfect Wellness

How in the world could your calendar have anything do with your fitness and wellness? Well, pretty easily. Without boundaries, we can often be led down a path of too many “yes’s,” rudderless […]

Calendar Mistakes Part 4: Not Reviewing Your Schedule Every Evening

Who knew a “boundaried”, clean, value-driven calendar could mean the difference between you feeling amazing or not about you, your wellness, and really your life? Me! Do you ever feel like you race […]

Make Your Mat A Special Space: Design Tips & Signature Items

My friend, Regan Ruiz, owner of Atmosphere | Home, a décor and lifestyle brand, recently said something to me that made me stop. I was asking her for some tips on creating a space to practice yoga […]

My Schedule, the Key to My Success

In December, I introduced Holly and her huge successes with my concierge wellness program. Not only did she lose the pounds, she gained stress resilience, got control of her calendar, and learned to […]

Street Style: Adrien of Alexandria Wellness

As a leading wellness professional for nearly two decades, Adrien is Alexandria’s go-to coach for all things health, fitness, and wellness. What makes Adrien stand out in the saturated world of fitness, is […]

Your (Out-of-Control) Email Could Be a Reason You’re Not Fit: Calendar Part 3

Last week, I highlighted that most of us have 16 hours in a day. (Assuming you are getting your eight hours of sleep.) How you spend that 16 hours is a key component […]

There is Only One Word

There is one word. One word that describes the feeling I get teaching so many amazing people at Mind the Mat. This word was the thing I longed for as a child. Even […]

Calendar Mistakes Part 2: Just Say No

We are pleasers, or at least most of us are. Most of us fear conflict and wish away any circumstance when we disappoint someone, especially someone for which you have respect or a […]

4 Calendar Mistakes You are Making: Part 1

So, you want to be super fit and just feel better about yourself. Have more confidence. You want to look great in the latest fashion – shorts, sleeveless tees – the works?   […]

A Special Mother’s Day Wellness Workshop + Mother’s Day Deals!

At Mind the Mat we love our mamas: Use promo code MAMAMIA at check-out to receive a 15 percent discount on registration for any of the Mind the Mat workshops mentioned in this article […]

Find Your True Health and Wellness: Stress Part 3

Can being busy really be the reason you can’t reach your fitness? Yep. And, really, your blue light from your phone and iPad is seriously hindering your ability to lose weight? Yep. Read on […]

Tools to Gain Resilience in the Face of Stressful Situations: Stress Part 2

If I could wave a magic wand over the 2,000 clients I’ve seen over the course of 16 years, it would be to fix their stress. I would give them the tools to […]

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