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Feeling good, healthy, and strong are imperative for a long, happy life, and our expert local trainers, therapists, instructors, and nutritionists have the training, experience, and passion to get (and keep!) you in the best shape of your life. Life can get hectic and stressful…from yoga to weight training, Pilates to the latest in food science, we are here help.

Hormones Wreaking Havoc? Join Us for a *Free* Stylebook Seminar To Get Back in Balance

You eat right (most of the time), exercise regularly (or regularly enough), but you still can’t lose weight, you feel tired, lack energy, and just don’t quite feel like yourself. You’ve tried different […]

My Mini Closet Audit with Megan

The best part of my job is meeting incredible women who are ready to offer it up and invite me into their closets help them. The satisfaction of solving problems and identifying how […]

How I Started Running Again

Throughout my adult life, I have always been an exerciser, sometimes more consistently than others. My husband refers to me as a serial exercise fanatic because I have sequentially pursued virtually every kind […]

The Gifts of Accountability & Commitment

Why would you spend a penny on a personal trainer, fitness class, gym membership and/or coach when you should be able to motivate yourself and get fit on your own? Because life gets in […]

Here’s Where To Find the Answers to the Questions I’m Asked Most Often

I got to spend three weeks in Bermuda this July (rough life, I know). We rented a little cottage on top of a hill overlooking the harbor, oh sorry, I mean harbour. During […]

Spiritual Gangster

Life is inspiring. We live in a wondrous world — aren’t we all enthralled with the PBS series Planet Earth and Blue Planet? — that, like life, is always changing. Yes, it can […]

My 5 Healthiest Habits Since Turning 50

As a society we want to drink from the “fountain of youth” and long for ageless living but as we all also know, aging is inevitable. For me, though, the “second half” is more […]

5 Ways To Maximize Your Ride at Ascend

A ride at Ascend is a challenging — and rewarding — experience, both mentally and physically. Here are our top five tips to make sure that you get the very most out of […]

Why Hormones Matter More Than Calories for Fat Loss, Part 2: 7 Steps To Take Right Now

In part 1, we talked about some signs that you might be dealing with hormone imbalances. In this article, we’re going over some of the key hormones that cause various symptoms and the […]

Deep Detox & An Unexpected Way To Use Coffee

I’m back from Spain and ready to take detoxification deeper. Last month I wrote about a four-day Ayurvedic Cleanse I completed before leaving on vacation to Madrid. My initial intention was to cleanse […]

Why Hormones Matter More Than Calories for Fat Loss, Part 1

Have you ever said, “I’m gaining weight, but I haven’t changed anything with my diet.” Or, “I have this belly fat and can’t get rid of no matter how much I exercise.” Maybe […]

Why I Ascend: “There’s no success without failure”

I came across this quote the other day and it was exactly what I needed to hear. So I wanted to share with you. “Never regret a day in your life: Good days […]

The Keto Diet: What Is It? Is It Right for You?

You probably know someone following it, are trying it yourself, or maybe you’re just wondering why everyone is going crazy about it. While the ketogenic diet might seem new and trendy, it’s actually […]

5 Tricks To Sneak in Exercise on Vacation. Yes, They Work.

As we enter July and the vacation season ramps up, it’s easy to fall off the exercise wagon. Now, if you’re one of those rare breed who takes a break and just can’t […]

Pilates & Yoga: My Companions Through It All, More Than a Decade and Beyond

I remember riding on the bus from the airport to our retreat center in Costa Rica, sitting next to Sara Dunton. She looked so familiar to me but I couldn’t figure out where […]

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