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Feeling good, healthy, and strong are imperative for a long, happy life, and our expert local trainers, therapists, instructors, and nutritionists have the training, experience, and passion to get (and keep!) you in the best shape of your life. Life can get hectic and stressful…from yoga to weight training, Pilates to the latest in food science, we are here help.

mind the mat on nbc

If you watch the Today Show on Monday and Tuesday mornings, you will see Mind the Mat owners, Sara VanderGoot and Megan Brown, along with a talented crew of instructors and students in […]

summer fitness series: day three

This barre-inspired whole body mat move starts on the forearms and knees. Make sure you use a thick padded mat or you double to triple fold your yoga mat to give your knees […]

summer fitness series: day two

We like the plank. We like even more the “hard style” plank. As a society addicted movement, this can be a challenge. Hold your body as instructed then stand in the same position. […]

summer fitness series: day one

Steaser = Pilates Star + Teaser This multi-muscle combined flow of movements will work the entire body with a focus on deep abdominal muscles and outer glutes. Take your time to figure out […]

move of the week: walking

It’s summer which means vacation time for many. You might not be able to get to the gym or your favorite class, but that’s ok. There is something you can always do. Walk. […]

ask stylebook: health monitors?

Kelsey: I’m thinking about buying the Apple watch or a fit band to help monitor my steps and food intake. Do you think they are really worth the hype and do they REALLY […]

work: check. kids: check. get strong: check.

Imagine getting stronger as you approach 50 than ever before. Imagine focusing less on the scale and more on your strength for longevity. And imagine figuring it all out while having fun, hanging […]

meet lululemon’s dads of alexandria

Sweat never goes out of style; check out how these two dads (and athletes) of Alexandria look, feel, play (and smell) good when they’re on the fly. Let’s here it for the boys. […]

street style: gina rollo white

Do you have that friend who can wear those fierce baggy pants and make it look effortless? Do you have that friend who plans the out-of-the-box outrageous party that people talk about for […]

move of the week: leg pull up

This classical Pilates move is a whole body workout, but it will especially strengthen and stretch your hamstrings and improve your posture. I prescribe this mat move to my runners who want to […]

ask stylebook: stress release?

Brittany: I have had nagging neck pain for quite some time now and I’m sure it’s due to stress. Can you suggest some stretches? Megan, Mind the Mat: Start with the posture improving […]

why become a yoga instructor?

Recently, CNN rated Yoga Instructor one of the top ten jobs in America. Why? Those asked reported that the job is low stress and the personal satisfaction and contribution to society is high. […]

move of the week: jumping rope

Yes, it’s true. There is actually a correct form to jumping rope. 1) Find a jump rope that is the correct length for your height. 2) Beginners: Practice jumping without a jump rope. […]

ask stylebook: stronger upper thighs?

Jessie: I’ve always hated the way l look in white jeans because I feel like my upper thighs look soft. What are some exercises I can do to firm up that area? Adrien, […]

the art of good health

In life, we are often confronted with or choose different paths. And for most of us, those paths–although different–are rewarding. Let us introduce you to an artist, a client, a friend: John Gosling. […]

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