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Feeling good, healthy, and strong are imperative for a long, happy life, and our expert local trainers, therapists, instructors, and nutritionists have the training, experience, and passion to get (and keep!) you in the best shape of your life. Life can get hectic and stressful…from yoga to weight training, Pilates to the latest in food science, we are here help.

ask stylebook: yoga at home?

Stephanie: Sometimes I don’t have time to get to the studio for a yoga class, but I don’t know where to start with my home practice. Do you have any suggestions? Laura, Mind […]

from lawyer to yoga/pilates instructor

Back in 2010, my boyfriend and I moved to the neighborhood of Del Ray. Going to Del Ray Pizzeria, the farmers market, and Dairy Godmother, we always walked by the local yoga studio […]

ask stylebook: getting in shape for summer?

Nikki: I want to get in shape for the summer. I’m tired of my “tire” and carrying extra weight. I’ve cleaned up my diet. What can I do in the gym to get […]

move of the week: complexes

Complexes are simply a series of movements (“exercises”) performed with a barbell, dumbbell(s), or kettlebell(s) or even no equipment at all where you finish each repetition of one movement before quickly moving onto […]

why go deep?

Why “go deep?” Why “slow down?” Are you “Chasing Pain?” Who hasn’t gone to the gym, been on a run, rode in a spin class and “cheated” through your movements and maybe even […]

move of the week: therapeutic pilates bridge

This exercise is designed to recruit the deep spinal stabilizers and to mobilize the spine. Bridging this way helps promote better posture and a healthy back! These are the first steps in learning […]

ask stylebook: flexible for yoga?

Arica: I am not flexible and don’t have good balance. Can I do yoga? Sara, Mind the Mat: Absolutely! If you are not flexible and do not have good balance, yoga is exactly […]

heal pain with therapeutic pilates & yoga

Among Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga studio’s many offerings are the specialized Therapeutic Pilates and Yoga classes. Therapeutic is a word used in the wellness industry to refer to a whole slew […]

move of the week: the five progressions of pull ups

We’ve gone through the five progressions of pull ups with you earlier this week (see them here). You can do them at the local park, your local YMCA, or at the “universal” at […]

lululemon: waves, trails, and mats

With shorter days and colder nights behind us, spring is officially on the horizon–which means endless sunny days and limitless sweaty adventures. Waves, trails, and mats–we’ve got you covered from sunrise to sunset, […]

ask stylebook: pull ups and chin ups?

Karen: Are Pull ups and Chin ups the same thing? What is the difference? Adrien, Fitness on the Run: Yes and no. Yes, because both of them use many muscles that will strengthen […]

the magic pill to reaching your fitness goals

Chin or Pull Ups: Do you want to do one? Or, does it seem like that is just one of those movements you can leave for the others at your gym? I know […]

move of the week: pilates for runners core home exercises

Here is an example of a short home routine for runners. The core work combined with precise leg movements and key stretches enhance your running mechanics and improve efficiency. Try this routine after […]

ask stylebook: yoga for runners?

Elinor: What is your favorite yoga pose for runners? Megan, Mind the Mat: I love Revolved Triangle Pose for improving runners’ hip flexibility. Although it can be a difficult pose due to the […]

pilates improves your spring sports

Despite skiing frequently in my childhood while living in Maine, I certainly did not consider myself to be an expert or even an avid skier. I lost touch with the sport in my […]

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