My Five Must Haves for Mid-Summer “Survival”


Beach Bum Exercises

Mid-Summer Bum Workout from Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga on Vimeo.

Keep these powerful muscles toned and shaped all summer.  Glute strengthening will not only stave off low back pain but you’ll also love the way your shorts fit.

Long Sleeves, Scarves, and Hats

Sunscreen rashguard and bikini

In summer?  Yes! Be done with the sun!  I stopped sunbathing when I was in my early 20s and I know my skin is thanking me now, but the years of lifeguarding and living in Bermuda are unforgiving.  Even if it’s a short bike ride to work I am definitely sporting a sunscreen shirt. Try this one from lululemon.

Acai Bowls

Sambazon Acai

Just like Elizabeth from The Shoe Hive, I am addicted to these healthy meals, so I learned how to make them at home! Buy the frozen acai bowl/smoothie packs at MOM’s Organic Market and follow the recipe on the back.  Get creative with healthy toppings: blueberries, hemp seeds, coconut, honey, granola, Golgi berries, bee pollen.  It’s an instant healthy breakfast or lunch.

Workout Strategy


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.31.34 PM

FREE TRIAL PBC MAY 2016 from Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga on Vimeo.

Keep it going. Just because you are on vacay, doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down or pause this important key to a long, happy life.  Streaming workouts in your hotel room are key to maintaining your fitness program.  There are so many to choose from: have you seen our Vimeo workouts?  Try your best to work out every day. Carving out time seems tough, but if you work at it, you will find little pockets of time.

Homemade Lemonade

peach lemonade on the porch

My 6-year-old and I are loving all the organic combos.  We make it together for the perfect afternoon activity and refreshment.  And it’s good for us!  Want to make the “adult version”?  Add some good tequila or some Tito’s and it’s summer cocktail time!

Organic Peach (or Raspberry) Lemonade

4 Organic lemons

1 Organic peach or 1 small package raspberries

Organic agave, to taste

Italian soda water

Squeeze and “smush” all ingredients together and let them sit for an hour in the fridge (I’m sure three hours is best but we can’t wait that long!). Strain and serve over ice in a Ball jar if possible!

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Megan Brown, physical therapist, Pilates instructor, mother and co-founder of Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga in Alexandria, VA, likes to goof around. Yet her commitment to her students and her skill set in the field is no joke. After graduating from University of Virginia with a degree in Sports Medicine, Megan went on to receive her Masters in Physical Therapy and eventually her Doctorate in the profession. Although Pilates was never part of the plan, the method changed the way she treated patients, positively re-directed her career path and enhanced her own active lifestyle. Customized Pilates instruction is her specialty–she designs classes based on clients needs: athletes, new moms, rehabilitation or just for fun (why be serious all the time?). Pilates + Yoga is the best of both worlds, hence the creation of Mind the Mat studios providing classes for all—in every walk of life.

Mind the Mat Pilates & Yoga was founded in 2008 by Megan Brown, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Polestar Certified Practitioner of Pilates for Rehabilitation and Sara VanderGoot, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher (e-RYT 200, RYT 500). In their private practices as physical therapist and massage therapist respectively Megan and Sara observed that many of their clients were coming in with similar needs: relief for neck and shoulder tension and low back pain as well as a desire for more flexibility in hips and legs, stability in joints, and core strength.

Together Megan and Sara carefully crafted a curriculum of Pilates and yoga classes to address needs for clients who are pregnant, postpartum, have injuries or limitations, who are new to Pilates and yoga, and for those who are advanced students and are looking for an extra challenge.     

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