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Admit it: you have that pesky pain or irritation. For some, it inhibits any exercise, for others you “work through the pain.” It compromises your progress. Deep down, it’s heartbreaking.

Or maybe you just can’t do (fill in the blank). Run my 10K under 50 minutes, do a real push up, balance on one leg without stumbling for a (crutch) or go through your day without (fill in the blank) back pain, neck discomfort, eight gain in my belly, etc.


What is the simple answer?

Corrective exercises.

Imagine that the discomfort could actually be keeping you from fitting into your clothes the way you’d like. Why? The pain is too deep, you can’t run 50 meters without pain, or whatever endeavor you choose results in frustration from inability or discomfort. So you stop and you “go to” the next exercise mode because it “hurts less.”

Unlike 10 years ago, in the fitness business, we are now a community of individual and team instructors serving a variety of ages and levels of athleticism. We draw from our physical therapists, chiropractors, rolfers, and orthopedic doctors who specialize in everything from fingers and toes to back. My point is we are much smarter today than we were even 2 years ago.

Research continues to challenge our practice to help clients and patients move better, more efficiently and smarter inside and outside of the preferred method of exercise. It can be the bike or running trail, spin studio or the scull.

More often than not, we find the movements (or not!) like sitting, standing, driving, computing and sleeping are far more detrimental to your musculoskeletal makeup than your weekly basketball game or weekend “long run.” It’s the daily movements that hurt us.


I’ve mentioned before the epidemic illness we see from sitting. We sit while eating, e-mailing, driving to work/carpool, driving our kids to all their activities or watching the latest episode of House of Cards. It’s a lot of sitting.

What we have just done is tighten a bunch of muscles that eventually restrict our daily movements and lead to back and neck pain and strain.

Then after sitting all day you “make up” for the inactivity by joining a spin class or running. Realize this can be stressful on your body – sitting all day then extreme activity can hurt you more than help.

How can you begin to resolve it? Seek professional help. Then utilize a simple list of movements that will “open up” the joints and help your body move better.

In Old Town alone, we have dozens of educated professionals to which you can seek help. Dr. Marty Skopp (, Cosper Scafidi ( or Solutions Physical Therapy ( for a full evaluation of your movement. We have a list of professionals to whom we refer dozens of clients each year. You will find the source of your pain or what is impeding your movements. Do not rely on a Fitness Magazine or what a colleague’s husband’s cousin has experienced. This is your personal story and it deserves your full attention.

It may surprise you that the pain in your shoulder is a result of a foot issue. Or your neck pain is because you cannot rotate your trunk. It can be anything. And it is likely a result of the way your body has moved for years and years. Not the ball game.

From there, you can take the extremely fulfilling journey to correct the asymmetries or imbalances in your movement patterns. You can learn how to use a simple set of exercises to move better.


You can combine this process with your current exercise plan or you may need to simply listen to the way your body responds.

We know this at Fitness on the Run. You will feel better. You will get deeper into that push-up, pull a faster scull, beat your friend in any spin class. Why? Because you are using your body the way it was made.

  • The latest from Adrien
Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home after a successful career in policy and public affairs communications. After spending 15 years developing her own personal definition of wellness and watching thousands struggle with theirs, in January 2019 Adrien founded Alexandria Wellness, the home for the Concierge Wellness Program and Corporate Wellness with Adrien Cotton. Over the course of 15 years, “FOR” was home to more than 2,000 clients, 30 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. Adrien is now, more-than-ever, passionate about helping women view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix. Adrien’s recipe for success herself has evolved from a rigid training plan of sweaty and heart pumping workouts to some days getting in her 10,000 steps, consciously breathing, her 7.5 hours of sleep, and her beloved 5-Minute Flow. Adrien believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results, even if it’s one new habit formed each month. Still passionate about fitness, Adrien’s clients appreciate her ability to make sessions seriously challenging without a “beat down,” a healthy mix of strength and metabolic (cardio) work and ultimately helping her clients gain real strength in mind and body. She believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and that change, or improvement, is within reach despite what your “inner voice” or others may tell you. Adrien is bubbling with excitement to help women learn the importance of a comprehensive approach to wellness, weight loss, and contentedness with yourself, and that every person has the right to feel good about themselves. Most days, you can find her helping clients with their wellness, listening to success stories, and bragging about her twin 13-year-old children and “fittest man in Alexandria” Bill Cotton. Adrien prides herself on her practice of mindfulness, meditation, and putting it all into perspective.

Alexandria Wellness offers achievable answers for anyone who is tired of chasing fitness and health without a clear plan, someone who has struggled and is not satisfied with their fitness and wellness or someone who is open to maximized healthful longevity and fitness along with healthful weight loss. Adrien and her team offer help with food guidance, body acceptance, sleep and stress issues, and insist you have fun along the way.

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