Flares? Really?


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The answer is yes! If you’ve spent the last few years religiously focused on skinny jeans, you are not alone, but now it’s time to bring back the 70s!  The current Boho Chic trend reminds many people of yester-year, with the resurgence of crop tops and bell-sleeved blouses. However, the most versatile and ageless 70s trend is the bell-bottom jean: they are back and better than ever.

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How so you may ask? The flare jeans of today are more tapered and tasteful, lending themselves to be the perfect staple for a casual day or a cocktail party. Unlike the Seventies, when the flare jeans were baggy throughout the leg, the trend now is for a fitted thigh that gradually opens into the flare.

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Some say that flares are extremely unflattering, but I am here to tell you they can look great on anyone. The higher waist slims any figure and can be worn with many different kinds of tops, even long sweaters, because flare jeans elongate your silhouette.

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Paired with your favorite wedges or heels, your legs will look as if they go on for miles. They will create a flattering silhouette with long body, slightly curved shape, and tiny waist. I, myself, have always been a skinny jeans fan, but when I stepped into this pair of white Joe’s Jeans High Rise Flares, I became a convert.

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A similar experienced was shared by one of Vogue’s fashion editors, Alessandra Codniha. “So how did I go from flared-averse to evangelist? Because, um, I actually tried them.  I slid into a few pairs, and suddenly my legs were longer, my waist was slimmer, and I actually looked dressed.

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There is something special about the right pair of flares, like these Joe’s Jeans sold at Coco Blanca. Think of it this way: if your skinnies are meant to blend in, your flares are meant to stand out.

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