Focus On: 40s Skin

We’ve covered teen skin, the 20s, the 30s, and now we’re getting into it with the 40s. Now, great skincare should continue throughout your 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, but aside from specific product upgrades or advice, there’s not too much new information to give you in a generalized article like this, so we will end this Focus On series in your 40s. Think of it this way: in your teens, we laid the foundation. In your 20s, we built the support beams and bricked it up. In your 30s, we put on the roof, and now we’re about to install the windows and drywall. Everything else after this is wall color and carpet texture. (Can you tell I’ve never built a house before? I think you get the idea.)

Get real with a retinol.

If you didn’t start using a retinol in your 30s, you need it now. Non-negotiable, definitely, swear up-and-down by it, you need a retinol. This will aid cell turnover, so your skin turns up the dial on healthy cell production. The results of your retinol use will be complemented by the Vitamin C you’ve been using for 20 years now (You’ve been using Vitamin C since your 20s, right??).

Don’t slack on the sunscreen.

As we grow older, skin starts to thin and become crepe-ier. Now, ideally, since you’ve definitely been using top-shelf skincare since your teens and haven’t ever gone out in the sun without sunblock and a parasol, we don’t have to worry about the natural crepe that happens in skin until about your mid-60s. Realistically, or at least, in my experience working in the beauty industry with and around women of all ages, your skin is just beginning to slacken and lose firmness.

What does this have to do with sunscreen? A lot of people compensate for the paling and thinning of skin by “Oh, just getting a nice glow.” For some reason, people think this doesn’t count as sun damage. Anytime you are outside and come back with color on your skin, that is future sun damage waiting to come out. Protect your skin. That “nice glow” can always be achieved with St. Tropez Mousse or Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads or heck, even Jergens (but don’t really use Jergens.). That “nice glow”-y skin damage can’t be easily reversed, my 40+ friend.

Target your treatments.

We’ve really been building up to this last point through this whole series. Integrating a few super-powerful pieces into your regimen will make a huge difference in the overall health of your skin for the next several decades. To keep your hands from getting spotty with age, you might try the powerful Neck, Chest & Hand Repair from Skinceuticals, a product we don’t often stock, but we’re happy to special order.

You might prefer to go the tool route, and purchase the Dr. Dennis Gross DrX SpectraLite EyeCare Pro to reduce fine lining and wrinkling in the eye area by using LED to encourage collagen production. Whatever the method, we’re here to help.


Did we miss one of your concerns? Are you looking for a more detailed product regimen? We’d love to answer your questions in the comments, via email at, or in the store. 


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