Forgotten Steps: Makeup Edition

Earlier this week we went over some oft-forgotten steps in a typical skincare regimen. Today: makeup!
This forgotten step could also find a home in the Forgotten Steps: Skincare Edition, to be honest. But to keep things categorized, we’ll tuck it safely among its makeup friends. You’ll get a much better result from your tools if you keep them clean! Just like you’d clean your power tools to optimize results, and clean your kitchen utensils to minimize bacteria, likewise, you need to wash your makeup brushes. For those of you thinking it right now, yes, beautyblender counts as a makeup brush, and you need their blender/brush cleanser to avoid degrading your sponge and having to toss it out early.


When you’re applying foundation, it’s to visually even out the tone and texture of your skin. Sometimes this can take away your beautiful, natural flush, and if you don’t replace it with something, you could end up looking flat or washed out. No one wants to field the [super rude] question, “You look tired, are you sick?” when it’s just a normal Wednesday!


This is maybe a little obscure, so this forgotten step can be understood and forgiven. You can’t be replacing your mascara every three months (which you should) unless you know when your three months are up. Make a little note in your phone calendar of when you need to buy a new one, or even get a little sticky label and write the date you bought it on the tube itself, so you have a daily reminder of the ticking clock.


Stay tuned for our next piece…Forgotten Steps: Haircare Edition!


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