The Formula for DIY Styling (Yes, There’s Math)

Have you ever considered calculating how many potential outfits you could create from your closet and dividing this number by 365? Absurd? Maybe, but a stylish wardrobe is half art and half math. Yes, math. Crazy, but true. Work a little math into your closet and you’d be surprised to find you may have more than enough, too much, or the wrong pieces. This is where the art comes in — or a great stylist!

I actually use the above calculation, only I truncate into quarterly estimates. This is something you can do on your own. With a few simple exercises in understanding your lifestyle and putting some easy outfits together, we can make shopping and your wardrobe more efficient.

I come across a variety of areas where women need help or advice in their wardrobe. Women know what to wear to work, what to wear on the weekends in Alexandria, but are challenged when it comes to those few and far between destination trips with girlfriends or even vacations. When the variables change, many of us are challenged as to how to adapt. The act of dressing is a continuous stream of ever-changing entities. Style, relevance, weight, age, location are all factors in how we dress at any one time. Change any one of these variables and the entire equation alters. My intention in sharing this is to give you a little relief, along with a structured format to self-style, like I do!

My client list grows every week but I realize how many Stylebook readers are out there on their own, tackling the change of seasons and trying to infuse the newest style trends into their wardrobe. Last week I put together a mini workshop on Wardrobe Architecture showing how math and art can create an ideal minimalist wardrobe. I thought I would share some of the materials so you can go through these exercises on your own.

If there is interest in putting a group together in Alexandria for a 1.5 hour Wardrobe Architecture workshop,
I’d be happy to make this happen. Just send me an email and I’ll assess the interest!


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Alicia was born and raised in Alexandria, and married a local boy. She is happily married and the mother of two amazing children and one adorable and terribly smart border terrier named Dixie. Alicia has always known she was a creative. She collected editions of Vogue from junior high on and has always loved clothing and design. She studied interior design at VCU and parlayed that degree into commercial interior design, the web design, and ultimately found herself managing a local boutique and serving as a stylist to many Alexandrian women. She now has a successful full-time styling business, The Tulle Box, and makes it her business to make her clients feel great about themselves and the way they look.

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  1. Avatar Lisa M Ring says:

    Hi Alicia- I would be interested in attending a workshop! Lisa

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