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When we heard barre3 would be opening in Old Town this fall, the ladies on the Lane could not have been more excited! What we love most about this business — besides their amazing fitness classes, of course — is their holistic approach to a balanced lifestyle. And, after meeting Meredith Kauffman, the owner of barre3 Old Town, we knew we wanted to help spread the word. I’ve asked Meredith to share a little more about what makes barre3 so special, but first wanted to invite you to try out barre3 for yourself at Ivy Lane!

Join us next Wednesday morning June 1 at 9:15 for a community barre3 class. You can meet Meredith, enjoy a fabulous work out, and enjoy 10 percent off in the store following the class. Get more info and RSVP here.

From Meredith:


Ever had one of those days, weeks, months where you thought to yourself, “is this as good as it gets?” I worked a high-pressure job with long hours and regularly let stress get the best of me. I was so focused on fulfilling others’ expectations that I couldn’t even be the best version of myself. When I found barre3, all of that changed. Yes, barre3 is a fitness class, but it’s so much more than that — exercise is only a fraction of the equation.

Exercise, nourish, and connect are the three pillars of the barre3 balanced approach.  The nourishment component helped me feel my best through my long days at the office, and truly connecting with others allowed me to step back into reality. When we are only focusing on the numbers on the scale we can lose balance. By focusing on whole-body heath, barre3 empowers you to feel your best from the inside out.


Barre3 was founded in 2008 by Sadie Lincoln. She envisioned creating an innovative studio workout and a culture of whole body health. Today the barre3 community has more than 100 studios worldwide and keeps growing.

Sadie Teaching

Our classes are the heart of our brand. Every barre3 class works strategically to build strength and flexibility for optimal body balance and improved posture.  Our workout mixes athleticism and the grace of yoga with the strength of Pilates.  In our balanced total body workout, we use our signature three-step sequence to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the body – isometric holds to engage the muscles; small one-inch movements to maintain the integrity of the posture without losing the strength and endurance benefits of a hold; and large-range movements to flush the body and rev the metabolism. Our postures are designed not only to strengthen the core — where our modern lifestyle of sitting in our cars or at our desk brings our bodies out of balance — but to protect injury-prone areas such as knees, hips, neck, and low back.  All of this leads to our transformative workouts that will not only make you feel strong and stand taller but also build lean and toned muscles. With our intense focus on posture and proper alignment, barre3 is a workout for any age and any fitness level.

Barre3 Old Town is currently under construction and planning to open this fall.  We will be teaching many community classes throughout the summer so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram updates on our studio progress and upcoming events.

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