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It’s Halloween this week so what better time to take a peek at one of my scariest stye moments. Back in my college days, I was a warehouse-frequenting, house-music thumping, up-all-night-dancing raver. Truth.

It was the ’90s. That scene and subculture had its own language and style. The most memorable fashion statement we made? Fat pants. I am talking wide-leg jeans that could house a small family in each leg. JNCOs were the style. They weren’t wide enough or long enough if you could actually see any leg-line or shoe peeking out.

IMG_4436 copy

We wore them loudly and proudly. When I put them on, I remember feeling like I didn’t care. I was thumbing my nose at grownups. Those crazy wide-leg jeans were about being young and rebellious.

Over the years, I have gone to graduate school, worked as a journalist, became a boutique owner, got married, had kids, and started a styling business. Through it all, my pants narrowed and narrowed and narrowed. I have been an unflinching devotee of straight and skinny pants and jeans…until now.

Wide-leg trousers are making a splash this fall season. I am loving, loving, loving the silhouette, which is such a departure from the skinny jeans and pants that have dominated fashion and style for years now.


Back in the day, I wore the wide leg jeans with sneakers, t-shirts and sweater vests. It was about dance-all-night comfort. The rise of the jeans was pretty low and the look was purposefully sloppy–Sloppy-chic!

Today, my wide-leg trouser look is always purposefully tailored. Think Katherine Hepburn. I prefer a high-waisted style because it lengthens the leg line. I always pair with heels. When I wear them, I feel grown up, sophisticated and in charge.


Although the feeling I get when I wear wide-leg pants today vs wide-leg pants back in the day is worlds apart, I still get a little giggle thinking back on that kid dancing and gliding the night away in her JNCOs. It’s the beauty and fun of fads and fashion, isn’t it? Looking back–even at those cringe-worthy moments–can always make you smile.

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