How to Get Fresh Flowers to Last Longer

This time of year we find it close to impossible to resist the abundance of fresh blooms at the market, local florist, and even grocery store! Flowers are truly one of the easiest ways to accessorize your home. And, of course, we like to keep them looking good for as long possible. That’s why this week we thought we would share a few of our tried and true floral tips.


Invest in your collection of vases: consider proportions in shape when purchasing. Larger vases make a great statement, but smaller vessels allow for more arrangements scattered throughout your home. We have some amazing vase options coming to Ivy Lane shop soon.

Unwrap + cut + hydrate ASAP: As soon as you get your fresh blooms home, it is important get them in fresh, lukewarm water. Once you unwrap, use a sharp utensil (knife, shear, or clippers) to cut the stems diagonally, at least a half inch off.  Also, be sure to remove any foliage that will fall below the water line (i.e. no leaves under water) so they don’t get slimy. If you buy flowers regularly, I think investing in a good pair of floral scissors is a no brainer. I currently have the Ohana brand and love them!


Change water regularly + use floral food: If you want your flowers to last longer, fresh water and floral food are your best tools.  Some say you should change the water in your vase daily, but I find that every 2-3 days is usually sufficient. And, yes, floral food really works – I like a clear liquid that absorbs completely and doesn’t muddy the water in a clear vase.

Keep your blooms away from direct sun light + heat: Sun and heat make flowers die faster.

And, finally, a few tips specific to some of my seasonal favorites.

IMG_8789 flowers sugar

Tulips: Tulips looking a bit droopy? Give them a spoon full of sugar and in hour or they will perk right up.

Peonies: If you would like your peony blooms to open faster, place the stems in warm water. For a more dramatic result, try soaking the heads in warm water for a few minutes. You’ll get a real pop!

Hydrangeas: Add Alum (found in the spice section) to your water and you’ll be amazed at how long they stay fresh.

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