Get the Look of this Gorgeous Living Room (for $5,000 Less!)

Thinking of redoing a room? Now is the time! This beautiful room designed by Paloma Contreras is quite stunning. When I looked closely I realized that a couple of the pieces are by Bernhardt, which of course is available at Coco Blanca, so I am going to show you how we can help you recreate this look…and how much you’d save during our 40 percent off Bernhardt January Furniture sale.

Take 40% off all these retail prices!

We have the exact sofa, chairs, and coffee table as shown in the picture. The sofa normally retails for $2832; the upholstered chair, $2001; the acrylic coffee table, $2,151; and the polished brass chair, $2334; but because all are from Bernhardt, each is available for 40 perfect off this month. (All furniture dimensions are below).

For the look in the living room above, select a purple fabric like this swatch for the polished brass chair, and a cream fabric to upholster the sofa and chair.

So now let’s accessorize.

I wasn’t able to find the end table from Bernhardt, but did find something similar through one of our other vendors that would be perfect at either end of the sofa (and for 20 percent off!). The lamps, by Visual Comfort, and are the perfect color and size for this scenario.

We can get a similar piece of art through Martha Spak. Sorry no discount on the art, but this beautiful landscape by exactly right over the sofa! ($3,200)

Now let’s add up the savings!

Acrylic cocktail table $2,151

Polished brass chair $2,334

Sofa                       $2,832

Chair x 2 $4,002

Total from Bernhardt:   $11,319

With the 40 percent discount: $6,791.40

The total savings from Bernhardt is $4,527! Add in the 20 percent savings on the end tables (normally $812.50 each) and the lamps (normally $625 each) and the total savings on this room during the January would be $5,102!

WOW!  So this whole, beautiful room (without the art) would be $9,091 — pretty amazing savings for such a gorgeous space.

Furniture specifications

Acrylic coffee table: W: 40” D: 40” H:18-3/4″

Sofa: W: 89 D: 41-1/2 H: 33; SH 17-1/2 AH: 23-1/2 BA: 81-1/2

Chair: W: 37 D: 39 H: 34; SH 17 AH: 24 BA: 27

Polished brass chair: W: 29 D: 34-1/4 H: 35; SH: 17 AH: 22-1/2 SD: 20-1/2 BA: 24

End table: 20” square H: 26, with a gold leaf finish.

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