Get Packing! 3 Must-Have Basics


If you are like me, you look forward to vacation but are always perplexed by how to pack.  I typically pack waaayyyy too much!  However, with current airplane packing restrictions, baggage fees, and smaller than a pea overhead bins, packing what you actually NEED as opposed to what you THINK you might need is, simply put, a necessity.

Prior to overstuffing your suitcase, let us help you demystify and elevate the art of packing!

Must-Have White Tee 

Oh the places you’ll go with a good white tee!  Mix, match, add, dress up, dress down, the classic white t-shirt is not only a must in our closet but definitely in our suitcase.  The old saying “everything goes with white” is true…so why wouldn’t you want to bring it on your trip?  It is like traveling with your best friend!

Scarf Me Up! 

If you ask me, scarves are underutilized.  The beautiful prints, textures, and colors make any outfit multidimensional and vibrant.  Change your scarf and you have an entirely new outfit!  Also, a large scarf can double as a wrap. Scarves are lightweight and flat…your perfect packing buddy!

Keep Your Cool

You may love your jeans but you can’t take them with you.  They are heavy and heat insulators!  Relaxed linen pants are PERFECT…they are lightweight, can be dressed up or down, go equally well with sandals, flats, or heels, and have a unique texture for added elegance.  And if they wrinkle?  So what! That is part of linen’s distinctive look.

With our packing tips you will have plenty of room to spare for all of your family’s souvenirs!

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