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It’s that season again! You guessed it – hot, humid, and just plain ole ruthless weather. This means it is obviously time for a keratin Treatment/Brazilian Blowout! If your hair is not the easiest to manage in the heat, then look no further!  Whether you just want to cut your blow dry time in half or be able to wet and go, these taming treatments are what you need! Here, we will break down the difference in the treatments and figure out which one is best to kick off your summer with frizz-free hair.


Keratin Treatments and Brazilian blowouts have been around for a long time, and both pretty much have the same end goal, which is to combat frizz and tame unruly hair. Although they are similar in results, a lot of people question what the difference between the two is. The Keratin Treatment is a hair taming system that utilizes liquid keratin and a mild chemical preservative to make the hair easier to manage. The system is not designed to straighten curly hair or change a curl pattern but is a semi-permanent solution to keep the hair smooth, shiny, and manageable for four to six months. It also takes three days to bond and settle after the service is completed, so do not plan any important activities after getting this treatment.


Brazilian Blowout is pretty much the same idea as the Keratin Treatment the only difference is that it can be a bit more customizable to what the client desires. The Brazilian treatment seems to be less of a heavy product leaving the hair feeling lightweight when the service is finished. This treatment also lasts four to six months but is bonded at the salon, so no need to wait three days! With this treatment, you can shampoo the next day though it is not necessary if you do not desire to do so. Most people confuse this system as a straightener, and while it will help your curls look softer, it will not straighten your hair.


Both of these treatments are absolutely amazing but should be discussed with your stylist to find the best option for your hair type. They are totally fine on colored hair as well as damaged hair and highly recommended if you have either. Both treatments are a necessity for the summer months and will take your hair to the next level! We can’t leave without recommending a summer product to help get your hair through the sun, beach, pool, etc. Brazilian Blowout bonding spray is amazing at preserving week one results of treatment, as well as combating frizz and UV rays that can be harmful to the hair. This product is an easy-to-use spray and can be used on hair that has not been treated by either chemical and can also be used on treated hair. With all that being said, do not wait any longer to get your treatment! The summer heat is on the way to remind us how much time we wasted on that blow dry!





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