Giving a Want, Not a Need

We all have that good friend who is oh-so-practical. She will buy black pants, a pair of denim jeans, white tees, black tees, and appropriate work clothes. When her clothes, from being constantly worn, are in need of retirement, she will again purchase  black pants, denim jeans, white and black tees, and appropriate work clothes.

However, when you shop with your grounded friend you see her eyes light up at a frock that she would not consider practical or necessary but…she wants it. It could sport vibrant colors, tassels, hardware, or other on-trend embellishments. Yet she passes it up — here we go again — because it is not in her practical wheelhouse.

I recently thought about gifts I have received that came as complete surprises, items I never would have purchased for myself or, truth be told, even thought about. These gifts are truly some of my favorites! I have been able to step out of my box and enjoy a new, fashionable ensemble or trend I had mistakenly passed up. When you are out shopping for the holidays, pick gifts your friends or family may not buy for themselves but that they truly would enjoy.


How practical is this Lauren Moshi top? “Very” could be the answer! In one way it is a blouse. In another it is classic button-down shirt. But the graphic design elevates it to a new attitude.


This is the most beautiful skull I have ever seen, and it is embroidered on the softest cashmere. And everyone wears sweaters. See? How practical! ‘Nuff said. Thank you, Skull Cashmere.


From a floral skull to voluptuous flaming red lips reminiscent of the 1950s, this cozy cashmere sweater spans the decades in a swirl of embroidery touting peace, love, and happiness. Very practical words to live by.

Oh, and that practical friend I described in this post?  It’s me. 😉


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