Golden Globes 2019: Our Best Dressed

If you are a regular reader of our awards show fashion reports, you know that I value looks based on whether or not they are fashion forward, interesting, unexpected, etc.; “pretty” does not usually excite me. Like, my red carpet spirit animals are Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett. Give me memorable with a side of avant garde and I am there for it.

But even I was on board with some “safer” looks this year, and good thing because there weren’t any really outlandish looks. Lady Gaga went big, but in her repertoire of carpet looks (read: meat), last night’s gown, albeit huge, and powder blue hair still felt practically restrained.

We saw a variety of trends: lots of sheer (again), lots of ornate gold gowns (again), lots of bows (to mixed response), lots of saturated color (almost every hue of red, which made the color feel fresh; pops of yellow; deep blues and greens), and some amazing jewelry. And with so many trends this year, we have an eclectic collection of favorites. A few looks were loved by more than one of us — so our top three would be Emily Blunt, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Oh; some looks had us arguing over text (*ahem* Julia Roberts); and some looks were cited as both a favorite and a least favorite…and that’s what makes red carpet watching so fun!


Elizabeth’s picks

Thandie Newton

I usually am not a fan of cut outs or cold shoulders. Thandie Newton proved me wrong. She showed how to do sparkle and a cut out but not make it seem over done or like the dress was trying too hard. So perfect. Oh, and can we talk about aging gracefully?

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Anne Hathaway

I mean, animal print.

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Emily Blunt

Everyone that loves fashion loves the movie The Devil Wears Prada and therefore fell madly in love with Emily Blunt. The love has only grown for all of us and tonight it continued. Perfect. Just perfect.

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Jameela Jamil

This is why I love the red carpet. We all love and hate the same dresses. I usually don’t love red, but this poppy kind of coral color just stood out. Madelyn thought it looked like a curtain but something about it stood out to me.

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Amy’s picks

I agree about Emily Blunt. I usually go for more streamlined dresses, but this totally knocked me out. The color, the construction, the pattern for lack of a better term, and the neckline were all so incredible. And the hair totally worked. She always looks good, but this time she knocked it out of the park. As for my other favorites (and not so favorites)…


Julia Roberts

If you know me, then you know I’m no fan of Julia Roberts. She just drives me nuts. But, I have to say she has never looked better. She looked healthy and glowing and completely age appropriate. Now, if she can go through an entire awards ceremony without making it all about her, I’ll be even more impressed.

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Sandra Oh

All three dresses were amazing. They were my standard, simple, sleek shapes but all had interest…just enough not to be boring or ridiculous. Plus, the hair was spot on for both looks.

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Regina King

She slayed in this dress. I loved the hair down with that sparkly column stunner. Her body in that dress at her age made me make another appointment at Fitness on the Run. She’s come a long way since 227!

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Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions go to Alison Brie for something unique and stylish without being cartoonish, Saorise Ronan for that color and her flawless skin, and Constance Wu for a sweet dress that didn’t give you a toothache.

My biggest disappointment was Amy Adams. She always looks amazing and sticks to the clean, simple lines I love, but this was underwhelming, boring, and matronly. She’s too young to be that dull.

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Celeste’s picks

I’m with Amy on Sandra Oh’s red carpet dress. It screams old school Hollywood glamour with that amazing shoulder detail. I love the bracelets she choose to accessorize with, as well.


Yvonne Strahovski

I love everything about this Alberta Ferretti look..the color, pleats, and the jewelry! That’s a hard color to pull off but she does it effortlessly.

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Rachel Brosnahan

She pulls of this Prada dress beautifully and it accentuates her waist perfectly. Stunning!

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Katie’s Picks

Ruby and I cuddled up on the couch and couldn’t wait to watch the Golden Globe awards but we really had a hard time narrowing down our favorites. This year the Golden Globes had a eclectic mix of ball gowns, menswear-inspired pieces, and classic white and black. Here are my picks…


Lady Gaga

It might be the obvious choice, but she deserves a round of applause in my opinion. This voluminous Valentino Cinderella-inspired gown makes me excited to watch these fabulous award shows, and this one stole the red carpet.

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Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle looked absolutely stunning in her custom Jason Wu royal blue floral gown. The bold color choices in her makeup and the sophisticated cut of the dress made for a major statement.

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Kaley Cuoco

Everyone’s favorite addition on dresses, pockets, made this dress a winner for me! The rich, navy blue bodice with a black bow and white gown made for a unique yet classic gown.

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Okay and I have to ask…

What is everyone’s take on Lucy Liu’s dress? On TV it looked feminine, flirty, and distinct, in pictures…not so much. Did you hate or love it?  Also, am I nuts for loving Debra Messing’s dress? Because I did!!

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Madelyn’s Picks

So glad you asked! Here’s where I weigh in…and reiterate why watching fashion is so fun: fashion is art, and like art, it is totally and completely subjective. I can think Debra Messing’s dress is not her best look — it feels heavy to me, and the bottom half is just too reminiscent of my puppy Franklin’s coat, which, while spectacular, is not for the red carpet — and then pick this as my favorite look of the night:


Lucy Liu

I complain all. the. time. about being bored by sheer. Sheer. Sheer. Sheer. The only thing I find more tiresome are feather-festooned ball gowns. BUT! I saw this and swooned. I think because there is so much sheer — a full cape! — and then it’s juxtaposed by neon sequins, it works. It’s bananas and I adore it.

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Charlize Theron

It’s almost not fair how amazing she looks. Her poise, her styling, this is a case of the wearer actually elevating the dress…and it’s a really good dress to begin with. Also, those bracelets!

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Colorful Columns

Sometimes a super saturated hue and, okay, a spectacular figure, are enough to garner red carpet kudos. But the little extras here — Nicole Kidman’s mini sequins and unexpected hair bow (a contentious topic in last night’s text chains, and yes, I am the only one who loved it) and that amazing necklace on Allison Janney — elevate the looks to extraordinary.

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Winter White

Judith Light and Jamie Lee Curtis prove that fashion knows no age limit. These gowns are full length and long sleeved, but slits keep the looks from feeling to staid, and the accessories are straight up fun. #goals

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Not-So-Basic Black

I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by how much they loved Taylor Swift’s dress. And because I have to include at least a couple dresses that aren’t likely to be universally beloved but I find interesting: I am charmed by the ruffly, layer-y feel and innovative tulle work of Jodie Comer’s dress (she’s on Killing Eve and you should watch it) and I give credit to Rosamund Pike for going with such a bold, structural dress that values construction over traditional pretty.

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  1. Avatar Pop Culture Girl says:

    I was looking forward to reading this post about the Golden Globe fashions and positively love fashion. My excitement quickly turned to disappointment. The number of references made to the age of the star was striking and quite unnecessary. I counted at least six such references. In my view, the commentary bordered on ageism. Perhaps unintentional because of multiple reviewers. In the future, I would urge for a more careful quality review. There’s room for fashion and style at any age along with the benefit of the doubt that women over 40 can be quite fashionable and rock red carpets!

    • Hello, and thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are not the only reader to have flagged this. My apologies, I will review more carefully in the future…especially because I am well over 40 and quite fashionable. 😉

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