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Tamara and I were recently in NYC shopping for accessories for the store. I asked her what was on her list to be seen and she replied, “There is only one, Alkemie.”

We carried a small, curated collection of their pieces in the store last summer and they flew out. Only very few remnants of that collection were left when I started with TSALT in October.

 Ashley & Dara

Tamara had mentioned how much I would love this husband/wife duo.  She said if they weren’t on the West Coast, we would most certainly be best of friends. Well…she sure was right.

We walked into their booth, and they warmly greeted Tamara with a hug and smile, welcoming her back. They started bonding about Tamara’s Dog, Zamboni (yes, her dog has the BEST name) and their daughters that are the same age. I started frantically grabbing things off the wall and placing them in a tray to order. Each time I would turn around, another piece would awe me, more than the last.

After filling three trays, I came across this ring, which I already own! I had no idea it was Alkemie! If you know me, you’ve probably seen me wear my treasured Giraffe Ring. I giggled to myself and knew it was kismet.

Dara and I began talking about life, travels, and the Grateful Dead. I instantly felt like I was in her living room, chatting with a friend I had known for years (and not in the middle of Market Insanity!). We must have spent a couple of hours selecting pieces, hearing the stories about how they found the inspiration, how they fell in love, and all about Ashley’s famous vintage leather jacket. (It was really killer.)

Ashley was so down to earth — and very fashionable. He was raised by a fashionista (and famous jewelry designer Ilana Goor) and was intrigued to know the brand of Tamara’s Frame Leather Pants and her Palomita Boots (which Dara bought right off of her feet!).

Not only are they spectacular designers, they are environmentally and socially responsible and aware. They truly think through each step and process of the design from the subject matter to the execution.

Alkemie’s Mission:

Forged from 100% reclaimed metals, husband-and-wife design team Ashley Lowengrub & Dara Gerson’s unique jewelry is equal parts art and accessory. By creating new designs from existing materials in abundance, Alkemie’s mission is to translate something that would otherwise be landfill-bound into wearable art.

Where do you get Inspired for your designs?

Our biggest design inspiration pays tribute to the greatest designer on the planet, Mother Nature, mixed with influences from vintage styles i.e., art nouveau, watch fob chains, early textiles, and a bit of rock n’ roll.

Some of their unique designs include:

Scarabs and Buddhas linked together to make chains

 Braided Leather Necklaces with Intricate Pendants

 A shell they found on a beach in Thailand that they named “Unicorn Horn” or some vintage prayer coins that are each one-of-a-kind

The dynamic duo was truly a force to be reckoned with. I am awaiting MANY personal orders, as is Tamara, but even more than that, we are awaiting the chance to catch up with them again in New York, or maybe even visit them in LA!

 Even their belts are amazing.

We will be having an Alkemie Weekend once we receive our newest shipment. Stay tuned for more exciting details. It will be a blast…and we will be raffling off an Alkemie piece! I hope you guys are as excited as we are!

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  1. Whoa… does she make an elephant ring? I have to have something from this collection!

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