A Hair Smoothing Solution That’s *Really* Formaldehyde-Free: It’s Organic and It Works


When hair straighten treatments first became available, it was life-changing for so, so many women – myself included. Whether Japanese Straightening or the Brazilian Blowout, the promise of sleek, smooth, shiny, frizz-free, easy-maintenance hair was so compelling that we literally put our health at risk for it. What’s a little formaldehyde in the name of beauty, right? But really, over time, those stinging, toxic fumes — my eyes burn just remembering it – it was just too much. Even the newer, less harsh formulations didn’t feel great.

beforeafter1Actual before and after Enzymo treatment

Well what if there were a solution that was completely natural and organic but delivered the exact same results?  Claude Marcel is now offering just that: Enzymo is a unique system that leaves your hair smooth using enzymes and tannic acid, not formaldehyde, nor — and this is where other “formaldehyde-free” straighten options get tricky — any formaldehyde derivatives. Wait, what?

OK, quick chemistry lesson. Formaldehyde is a gas, so technically no treatment contains it. But they can contain methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol, which are ingredients that release formaldehyde when heated or mixed with water – thus why that Brazilian Blowout back in 2010 made your eyes sting so badly you wondered if you’d be blinded.

Back to the good news. Enzymotherapy produces a chemical reaction that restructures tannic acid at the molecular level, resulting in that sleek shine we all want, plus additional body, and all without any itching or discomfort. It straightens hair in a uniform and natural way, leaving a much more malleable natural appearance, with enhanced brightness, smoothness, and resistance.

Enzymo works on all types of hair, and so far the clients at Claude Marcel have raved about their results. It is compatible with any other treatment, including dye. In fact, you can get color-treated during the same salon visit. To introduce this revolutionary straightening solution, for a limited time Claude Marcel is offering special introductory pricing on Enzymo treatments, which include:

Enzymo Straightening Xtreme is an organic smoothing treatment for sleek, straight, frizz-free hair, lasts 2-6 months, and costs $350.

Enzymo Xpress reduces frizz and straightens, but not quite as straight as Xtreme treatment, lasts 1-2 months, and costs $225.

Enzymo Curl removes frizz, enhances curl definition, lasts 1-2 months, and costs $285.

Enzymo Thermic Repair rebuilds the hair shaft from the inside out without the straightening power of the other treatments, lasts 30-45 days, and costs $85.

And unlike other straightening options, because Enzymo does not modify the internal structure of the hair, there is no damage with successive applications.

Ready to try for yourself? Stylebook readers can enjoy an extra $20 the special introductory pricing!


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