Hair Trends 2017: Easy, Natural Styles You’ll Love

One of the best parts of a new year is looking forward to the latest beauty and fashion trends we will be seeing and trying! Our focus today is on what hair trends we are most excited about for 2017, from fresh coloring techniques to simple, everyday styling tips…as well as some reflections on one new trend we saw last year and why we think it’s better left behind.

Keeping it Natural

We saw this start to catch on last year and absolutely love it. The idea behind this “trend” is to work with your natural hair texture and find the right products for your hair to bring out the best results. For example, if you have fine, frizzy hair, then opt for a lightweight smoothing fluid. If you have unruly curls, a curl defining product is a good bet. Or, if you have fine, flat hair, then seek out a volumizing mousse for added dimension.


This a more gradual approach to ombré that mimics the natural lightening process with help from the sun. The finished product looks more natural with gradual color transition throughout your hair. As we head into the warmer months, it is a fantastic, lower maintenance option for those who don’t have time to be in the salon for two hours every five weeks.

Pastel/Silver Hair

Bright color melts came into 2016 with a bang, but the trend seems short-lived as clients realize the maintenance/up-keep of these exciting colors is often more than they expect. While the trend was fun and some people pulled it off with aplomb, we see it beginning to phase out and make room for the more subtle, sun-kissed colors.

On the plus side, this is great news for the health of your hair as over-processed, stressed out strands are never in style. Many pastel hair trends required you to bleach the natural colors out of your hair, so if this sounds familiar you can give you locks some relief this year!

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