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Sitting around coming up with projects has made me, like many of you, dream of far away places that I love dearly (spoiler alert: not my laundry room!). Immediately my mind goes to Thailand. Two years ago I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in this enchanting country. While the sights were breathtaking and the meals were mouthwatering, the peace and kindness that radiated from each individual I met was unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. 

My beloved friend and “tour guide”, Aey, took me to visit the unique markets in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Bright colors and the bells of tuk-tuks flooded the streets of Chiang Mai. This same electric energy was matched in Bangkok with the addition of a small jewelry booth run by a father and daughter. On a day of about 98 degrees we were grateful to step under their awning and take a moment to appreciate the beauty that laid on their tables. 

Even under all the shade the delicate gold earrings seemed to reflect sunshine and warmth. Pristine detailing outlines each layer of the handmade flower earrings. I fell in love with their pieces instantly, and knew that I had to share these enticing works of art with my friends and family back home. 



I knew that the feel good energy that is ever-present at the garden club shops of Alexandria Garden Week would have been the perfect place to share my new must-haves. Of course, this event is no longer possible under the current circumstances, and I know we are all disappointed. While we all know it is right to social distance ourselves and follow the recommended guidelines as closely as we can, we still deserve to take part in that feel good energy. 

I am hoping to do my part by placing the earrings on our TSALT website, so that we may all benefit from these good vibes. I truly hope that when you put on these earrings you will be able to feel their celestial spirit, and for one moment of the day you can close your eyes and feel like you are in Thailand (and not in your laundry room)! 

If earrings aren’t your thing — don’t worry! While the earrings hold a special place in my heart, I also brought back bangles. These are known to be a strong source of spirituality, and are often worn in pairs on either the wrist or the ankle. We are also available to FaceTime with you for a video shop. Please text me ahead of time at (703) 635-5355 and we can schedule.



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