Happy National Dog Day!


I’m extremely lucky…to the point where there are days I can’t believe I get to do what I love EVERYDAY. This past week this happened multiple times: I had the privilege of shooting the ladies of Alexandria Stylebook with their fur babies!

Yes, this took some additional planning and work, but these were by far some of my favorite shoots. Not only did I get to hang out with these amazing women, I photographed them with their “best friend.” Take a look at these picture woofic (purrrrfect just doesn’t have the same ring) relationships!

Madeline & Lena


Darby & Derby


Allison & Kaya


Tracy & Max


Lexi & Pippin


 Susie & Tyson Bolt


Brittany & Millie


Christen & Remy

Due to an injury, Christen was unable to participate in our photoshoots. Here are some adorable shots of her with her pup Remy over the past few months.


Sarah & Shelby

Thanks to my awesome husband for helping me take the shots for this post!


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I started photographing after rupturing my spleen while I was in high school. Yeah, it sounds made up, but I swear I’m telling the truth. was in marching band and happened to fall on my saxophone. This incident made it impossible for me to march for the remainder of the season. So, I did what any bored high school teenager does — started taking self portraits (at that time the word “selfie” was not invented). Turns out, I really enjoyed it! I started photographing everything and everyone. After graduation, I decided to head to Shepherd University for photography & digital imagery. My passion continued to grow as I started to photograph more conceptual themes, primarily the way women are viewed in modern media and the over editing that happens in the fashion industry. This is what has influenced and inspired my current work.

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