Hats! The Accessory I Deem A Necessity.

As our (acknowledged or not) seasonal depression will tell us, we all love the sun. We all feel better the second that first warm day hits; our mood and outlook on life all of a sudden are uplifted! I personally take it to the next level! In my family, I am known as the sun worshiper, seeking it out whenever and wherever possible. For perspective, in high school, when it was too cold to tan in the yard, I would open my balcony door, turn on a space heater, and lay in the little rectangle of light that came through the open door. Clearly, I’m obsessed – there are worse obsessions? Right?

Since then, I have only kept the obsession going – living and traveling to countries close to the equator often.  With that being said, I have done a lot of long-term damage to my skin. That’s where my new addiction has come in – hats! I now wear hats religiously, but it took me a while to get there. For starters, I always felt silly or like I was trying too hard when I put on a hat. The reality is that hats provide necessary sun protection and really add an extra level of cool to any outfit. Once I embraced hats, I haven’t turned back. The trick is realizing all people are hat people, and it’s about getting the one you love! Working at The Shoe Hive has been a big part of finding several of my perfect hats! Just look!


At The Shoe Hive, we have the most amazing selection of hats. All of my favorite hats have come from here. My personal favorite is Janessa Leone, as their size smalls actually fit my tiny head. For everyone else that has normal to larger heads, Hat Attack, Freya, and the size medium and large of Janessa Leone are amazing options. I highly recommend you come check them out before they all sell! I only get compliments when I wear mine! Meet our awesome hat brands and make sure to check out everything in store and online!


See here for some of the hats we have in store! Click and shop! 



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Truly a local girl, Penelope was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Penelope graduated from James Madison University (GO DUKES!) with a degree in International Relations and is now getting her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. While she never expected to work retail, she has found a second home in her Hive and Shoe Hive family, and has discovered the shoe and clothing addiction she never thought she had. An avid traveler, if not working or going to classes, Penelope is surely on a plane to a country she has yet to see.

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