Because It’s Where Your Heart Is.

Creating a home, your haven, is our passion. From experienced interior designers to local boutique owners who select home goods, art, and furnishings that are truly special to nationally recognized real estate agents, our local experts have the tools, talent, and resources to transform a blank space into a place that’s truly your own.

the big chill….

Michael: Harold, don’t you have any other music, you know, from this century?  Harold: There is no other music, not in my house.  Michael: There’s been a lot of terrific music in the […]

“hey, britt! how’s the market?”

There is so much great publicity out about our wonderful town right now! In the past 12 months, we’ve been voted #47 Best Place to Live in America, Fifth Most Romantic City in […]

ask stylebook: mirror, mirror on the wall

Sophie: I have a closet full of beautiful clothes, but I spend way too much time and effort pulling together an outfit each day, whether it’s for daytime at work or for a […]

the written word: a mindfulness practice

It is easy to get caught up in the fast-paced, productivity-above-all-else mindset that our career-centric society seems to foster. And yet it is so important to slow down from time to time, to […]

fabrics for life, fabrics for living

There was a time when I believed using all natural fibers was the only way to go, whether in my wardrobe or covering my sofa. I loved and still love using 100% linens, […]

casual fall entertainment

The leaves are turning, the temperature has cooled down and pumpkin spice lattes are being served at every corner coffee shop–all signs that fall is in full swing in Old Town. Fall is […]

why i’m no longer terrified of tofu + recipe

Anyone who knows me well knows that nothing makes me happier than having my two grown sons home for a visit. We are able to catch up on life, laugh about anything and […]

make it personal

One of the most rewarding things about being an interior designer is transforming a client’s house into their home, finding the right fabrics, furniture, art, and other décor items that both work for […]

efficient and effective lighting: six tips to light your home

The lighting in your home can make all the difference in creating the perfect atmosphere for your family and for your guests. The way you light each room sets the tone in highlighting […]

patina polished living

As many Alexandrians have discovered, Patina is a great resource for finding unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as quality furniture. Located at 605 Franklin Street, Patina opened its doors in November of 2013, […]

six easy entertaining tips for fall

Throwing a party is often more complicated than we may think. Even with the smallest gatherings, plenty of planning is required to make sure a party runs smoothly. We have hosted plenty of […]

fall party favorite: mirror top tray

September is typically a gorgeous month here in Alexandria, especially in Old Town where the cobblestone seems to glisten a bit more with the rich colors of Fall approaching. The humidity has disappeared […]

the bee cottage story: how i made a muddle of things and decorated my way to happiness

Fall is a time for nesting and there is no better inspiration than my new favorite book The Bee Cottage by Frances Schultz. I was lucky enough to meet Frances a few years […]

capturing moments

They say time flies. But it seems to speed by even more quickly for us parents, don’t you think? Somehow, before we’ve even fully realized what has taken place, our children are grown. […]

ask stylebook: bedroom seating?

Nikki: I want to add seating to my bedroom–a place where I can sit and read or just put on my shoes in the morning–but I don’t have a ton of space. Any […]

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