Because It’s Where Your Heart Is.

Creating a home, your haven, is our passion. From experienced interior designers to local boutique owners who select home goods, art, and furnishings that are truly special to nationally recognized real estate agents, our local experts have the tools, talent, and resources to transform a blank space into a place that’s truly your own.

six easy entertaining tips for fall

Throwing a party is often more complicated than we may think. Even with the smallest gatherings, plenty of planning is required to make sure a party runs smoothly. We have hosted plenty of […]

fall party favorite: mirror top tray

September is typically a gorgeous month here in Alexandria, especially in Old Town where the cobblestone seems to glisten a bit more with the rich colors of Fall approaching. The humidity has disappeared […]

the bee cottage story: how i made a muddle of things and decorated my way to happiness

Fall is a time for nesting and there is no better inspiration than my new favorite book The Bee Cottage by Frances Schultz. I was lucky enough to meet Frances a few years […]

capturing moments

They say time flies. But it seems to speed by even more quickly for us parents, don’t you think? Somehow, before we’ve even fully realized what has taken place, our children are grown. […]

ask stylebook: bedroom seating?

Nikki: I want to add seating to my bedroom–a place where I can sit and read or just put on my shoes in the morning–but I don’t have a ton of space. Any […]

well-dressed: vinaigrettes that pack a punch

Have you ever made an amazing salad, like restaurant worthy salad, to have it completely ruined when you pour an awful store bought vinaigrette over it? This has happened in my household more […]

fall design favorite: turkish towels

Just because Labor Day is behind us and your pool is likely closed, you do not have to put away the Turkish towels you used this summer. In fact, Turkish towels are quickly […]

updating your home for the holidays

Have you ever wanted to throw a spectacular holiday party but ended up shying away from doing so because you were too embarrassed by old furniture and outdated rooms? It happens to the best […]

ask stylebook: glossy or matte?

Stephanie: For paint, gloss or matte? Or does it matter? Gayla, Coco Blanca: Great question! Let me start by saying that there are a few basic rules concerning paint finishes. But at the […]

jewelry for the table

We wear jewelry to make our clothing stand out so why wouldn’t we give our home decor the same treatment? Just as our favorite clothing looks best paired with luminescent pearls and sparkling […]

meet mount vernon’s first ever smart home

Smart Homes are up-and-coming in Alexandria and REGENT, a real estate investment firm, is paving the way with their first project in Mount Vernon, a Smart Home located in Wellington. This Smart Home […]

learn to cook like the french…at home or in france!

French wine and food are some of our favorite things, so when we were introduced to the author of In A French Kitchen, we knew we would become instant friends. We had the […]

a brief history of closets

Have you ever wondered where closets came from? I mean, really thought about it? It is obviously the place where we store our clothes, and it seems logical that such a place has […]

headboards 101

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong and laughter never ends.” —Anonymous. Our homes play such integral roles in our lives. Home is where we begin and end each […]

going for the gold

Gold accessories are making a comeback and in a big way. The once dated metal is now the hottest hue in fashion and in home decor. We saw the change from silver to […]

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