Homework Stations: Now Needed More Than Ever

As we are all suffering figuring our way through homeschooling and distance learning, one thing that has become clear is that having one place, or station where the kids can do their work is a must. These places don’t have to be boring (and they shouldn’t be!) as they should invite you to want to sit down and really get to work. Here are a few things that are a must in any homework or office space.


These spaces should be a nice, fun place for your kids that they can call their own. This is a great place to create a “drop zone” for all your kiddos stuff that can often end up all over the house.

Wallpaper is a great way to add some fun and excitement to this space. These areas tend to be on the smaller side, so similar to a powder room, you can be more daring. It’s the small embellishments and details that really make it shine.

Often these spaces tend to be composed of built ins and harder components, so updating your space with new hardware, wallpaper, paint, and art is where you can bring in design and some softness. Like I always say, “don’t be afraid to use color!”



Comfort and Function

Of course these spaces need to be incredibly functional and comfortable or they won’t end up getting used at all.

Finding the right chair or chairs for your space can be key in creating comfort as you’re often there for extended periods of time. While I completely understand the need for ergonomic chairs, I really don’t love the look of them, so I usually try and find chairs that mix comfort and style. One thing I do like to try and find on these chairs is rollers. They become important when you’re trying to get around the space and move from the computer to the printer and back.

A campaign chair is always a great way to go as they can really add some design “wow” to the small space. I am also partial to acrylic chairs as they are usually comfortable and don’t fight with any other design elements you’ve added to the space. If you’re tight on space, you can always think about a stool.




These spaces should be all about the kiddos and they should inspire them to create, learn, and be themselves. These spaces are the perfect place for those bulletin boards to post lists, reminders, calendars, and more. It’s also a great place for inspirational quotes – keep them focused and inspired!

You can also use them as a place to hang their own artwork. A gallery wall of all of your kids’ work is a fun way to share and highlight your kids’ talents.



The Space

We know not every home comes equipped with a specific space, so you might have to search to find the spot that becomes this special place. In fact, closets can be turned into a homework station. Especially if they have pull out doors, you can add a desk, some task lighting, and use a stool that easily slides under the desk. When you’re done with work just close the doors!


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