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Occasionally this year I will be reflecting on the last 10 years of business and all the people, brands, and events that have helped to shape Red Barn Mercantile. To stay relevant in the marketplace a retail store must evolve, change, and adapt to the times. Our inventory needs to stay fresh and interesting so that folks will want to come back for more. But sometimes, we find a product that transcends all that. A product that is a classic but somehow always feels current. For us, one of those products is k. hall designs.

We have carried k. hall designs candles, soaps, lotions, et cetera since we opened our doors 10 years ago.  I still remember the day that I found them at market.  It was a small booth in one of the first few rows and the fragrance I picked up was Milk.  As soon as I smelled it I was sold.  It is like no other scent out there.  One year I was standing in k. hall’s much larger booth and another retailer who was unfamiliar with the product stopped in for a smell and to ask questions. As a devotee I had to pipe up with, “Buy Milk.  Lots and lots of Milk.”  It’s that good and he did.

Over the years we have tried many of their wonderful fragrances and subsequently whittled their collection to the four that we think are the very best: Milk, Peony, Washed Cotton, and Jasmine.  For each flavor we carry the candle, shea butter hand lotion, bath soaks, and triple-milled soap.

All their candles are hand poured in small batches with a 100 percent natural soy and vegetable wax blend.  Their candles burn cleaner and 50 percent longer than paraffin candles. With a burn time of 60 hours you can cover up even the worst wet dog smell.

Their hand lotions are made with shea butter, aloe oil, and other fine ingredients that will leave your hands nice and smooth. You know what they don’t have? Petroleum bases or parabens.  That means your hands won’t be greasy and gross after putting on this amazing lotion.

Calgon ain’t got nothing on k. hall’s bath soaks.  They are handcrafted with mineral salts, vitamin E, and fragrance oil, all of which combine to relieve stress and soothe both muscle aches and joint pain.  I know I can use that after a long day at the shop!

Finally, the triple-milled soap.  What is triple-milled you ask.  It’s quite simple really.  Triple milled soap is soap that has been milled through steel blades three – and sometimes more – times.  This process squeezes out more water, better mixes the ingredients and fragrance, and allows for more soap in the mold.  What you get is a bar of soap that lasts and smells good much longer than old standbys like Ivory.  k. hall’s vegetable soaps are made with olive oil and shea butter, which is known to maintain moisture and keep your skin feeling smooth.  Just like their lotions, their soap is petroleum base- and paraben-free.

Everything is made in St. Louis, in the heart of the Midwest, so you know it’s got to be good.  Actually, it’s so good that we have been loyal followers for 10 years.  And, I think if you gave it a try you would be hooked, too.


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Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service — to provide both old and new in one place. No longer will busy shoppers be limited to reproductions or forced to shop multiple flea markets for the look or gifts they want. The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Amy’s knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar.

Red Barn Mercantile opened its doors in September 2007 with a single vision in mind: providing old and new to offer our customers signature whole-room designs at great prices.

We’re more than a furniture boutique and provide more personalized service than a big box retailer. We work hard to bring you the highest quality furniture and gifts, the most unique conversation starters, wall hangings and accent pieces, whether they come from off-the-beaten-track flea markets, or the latest designers.


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