Hot Yoga, a Daydream, and Prepping for Summer

I took a hot yoga class at Mind the Mat last week — one of my very favorite ways to both be active and relax. Toward the end of class, during Savasana, we were asked to lie on our backs and reflect on our practice. Let’s just say I was doing anything but that. I attribute my distraction to both sleep deprivation and the raised temperature of the room, but suddenly I no longer found myself in Del Ray. Instead, I pictured the most beautiful white sand beach and dreamt of jumping into the cool, clear water. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m a huge fan of Mind the Mat — but I was devastated to “leave my beach,” and find myself back in class, forced to roll up my mat.

Can we just skip spring altogether and get to summer? It’s not that I don’t enjoy spring, but this spring has been so crazy! One day it’s 80 degrees, and the next there is snow on the ground. I have clearly already started mentally preparing for more consistently warm weather. Dreaming of all the new beach-worthy accessories I can make my own is what will get me through these last few cold weeks until I can actually take those accessories to the beach!

Here’s what I have my eye on:

Embroidered Tote by Tory Burch, $250 | The Original Panama by Hat Attack, $112 | 35oz S’well Bottle, $35.00

 Provence Tote by Hat Attack, $115 | Cane Weaver Rancher Hat by Hat Attack, $82

 Embroidered Tote by Tory Burch, $250 | Beach Blanket by Hat Attack, $80 | Rafia Crochet Cowgirl Hat by Hat Attack, $110 | 35oz S’well Bottle, $35

Provence Tote by Hat Attack, $115 | Raffia Braid Sunhat by Hat Attack, $104 | Beach Blanket by Hat Attack, $80 | 35oz S’well Bottle, $35

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  1. STEPHANIE says:

    Love all these totes!

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