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While we don’t spend a lot of our working hours outside – hence the title “interior” designer, we do love to incorporate plants inside a house as part of the design. There is always something delightful and homey that is brought to a house when you bring the outdoors indoor. Plants add texture to your home and a give a sense of something real and alive in the space.

If you don’t know much about botany, don’t worry! You don’t have to have a green thumb to have beautiful house plants (ok, you do have to water them, though.) When thinking of where, how, and what to do with plants inside, we like to think of them like we do other accessories – where can they best be of use? Where do they add something to the room? Here are a few tips and tricks to easily incorporate plants inside your house:


The easier the better

If you’re newer to taking care of plants, go with something that is easy to maintain. An orchid always brings beauty into a room and they are longer lasting flowers. Orchids are tall and can add height to a table or look beautiful on a big island. Succulents are another great way to add plants without the hassle. Alex loves the look of multiple succulents combined in one pot. Plus, added bonus! She also loves them because they are really pretty and really easy to take care of.



Use them where you need them

If you need height in a corner, but don’t want to buy another piece of furniture, use a tall plant to draw the eye up. I love using banana leaf trees in a big basket to add height to a room. If you have a large space to fill, use ferns. They add texture to your room and can easily fill a blank space.



Use them how you need them

Look at your room and decide what’s missing. If you need to add a little structure to your room, consider a myrtle topiary or if you’re looking to add a little color variation to your space think about a rattlesnake plant.




Pro Tips

Plants don’t always need to go on the floor. They can look great on mantles and tables as well. If you are going to put your plant on the floor, consider bringing an outside pot inside. Outdoor pots have a bit more grit and patina to them and will look more authentic.



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