how I mindfully forge (not forage!) through the holidays

I really love the holidays. Yet, balancing all of the things I want to do with my friends and family can be a challenge. Workouts, holiday parties, and airplane travel can wreak havoc on my body.  
Amy and Julio
I’ve been working out consistently since college. Thanks to Julio and Megan at Fitness on the Run (FOR), I have finally figured out how much of an impact my diet has on my body and on my workouts. This realization has actually given me a better sense of sanity. If I miss a workout due to an early meeting or travel, it’s ok. This doesn’t have to make me crazy or feel guilty. I know I just need to be more mindful of my diet. Before training at FOR, I was afraid of protein, especially eggs and bacon. I would rather eat yogurt with fruit and granola. I thought that was a better choice. I had no idea how much sugar I was eating every day. Being mindful of sugar and empty carbs has been an eye opener.
Amy lunge
I plan to approach the holidays with this same sense of mindfulness. I will choose a great glass of wine or champagne over the iced sugar cookies that I love and will focus on protein and veggies at the buffet. I almost never take the passed hors d’oeuvres since they are usually something with bread or cheese that I might regret later. I have learned that for me, bread leads to more bread, and sugar leads to more sugar. Knowing this helps to stop the carb train in its tracks. Sometimes… Every week I plan my cheat treat so that is something to which I will look forward and helps curb the mindless eating when all the treats appear at parties or the office.

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