How To Be a Boho Babe!

Bohemian style is all about having fun. It embodies a free spirit and is inspired by global art, the 1970s, and travel. Here are a few simple concepts to follow to embrace your inner Bohemian Queen!


Bold, Bohemian Patterns

Look for whimsical patterns, retro prints, and tribal designs. Paisley, tie-dye, are must have prints for any Bohemian closet!


If It’s Fun and Bright, It’s Bohemian

Neutral colors have their place but vibrant color combinations are a big part of any Bohemian style. Upbeat and lively colors such as vivid reds, blues, turquoise, and orange make up the prism of Boho design.


It’s a Breezy and Natural Fit

You won’t find bandage dresses in a Boho closet! Purposely picking looser-fitting duds is close to the Bohemian dresser’s heart. It allows for freedom of movement and easy layering, such as styling a tunic over jeans.


Embrace Your Inner Flower Child

Boho clothing embraces nature.  Flowers, fronds, and foliage are prominently displayed with pride!


Layer Accessories

Chunky rings, layered necklaces and bracelets plus scarfs are beloved by all Boho dressers…sometimes the more, the better! Layer as many as you feel comfortable with, or simply let your clothing do the talking.  As said in paragraph one, the Boho is free spirited…anything goes!


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